Pin bytes to top of account

Idk if anyone else has suggested a similar topic, so sorry if that’s the case. Anyhow my idea is similar to how youtube let’s you have one video serve as like a preview for your whole account, so that users who click on your profile can get a brief idea of who you are, and if they want to follow you.

So like if you could chose to pin one of your bytes so it’s always at the top of your account.


Actually not a bad Idea

Yeah, we’ve proposed this, and also something similar (that I personally like more) like creating playlists with your bytes to show on your profile, in case you want to make diferent types of content and categorize it.

I don’t know if they ever added it to the list of things to work on, but I’m guessing if they do it won’t be a priority


a byte playlist would be so cool, and would help with people wanting to make different or similar content. Especially if there’s follow-up bytes to a story that’s being chronicled.

Many topics created about this like: Pinning a Byte to top of channel

Make sure to search existing topics before creating your own! You can feel free to add to that topic though if you want to discuss this more.