Pick the thumbnail

What else is the name of the small looped video you see if you grid a profile before you click on the byte?

Right now it’s the first 1 second looped, but its always the most uninteresting part of the video at least for me :upside_down_face:

An idea is to pick which clip would loop before you upload the video as the “thumbnail” to make it more approachable and clickable


Yeah, I remember being able to do that in vine, and it says choose, but I think it’s only the part of the video you want.

I’m all for being able to pick the mini loop that people see.


yess! I don’t even think you can do that on tik tok so imagine doing something like that to spite them lol!


Uh yeah you can do that on TikTok

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Oh - that would be great: pretty much all of mine are timelapse drawings, so if you look at my page, it’s currently lots of blank sketchbook pages :sweat_smile:


That’s why I like the procreate time lapse. It automatically puts the last image first.

Aaaah… I am getting more and more reasons to make that leap into digital! :sweat_smile:

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i really like this idea, just gives that extra bit of customisation and is good for those who may want to create some sort of theme through their feed or just pick something more appealing :+1:

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The fact Procreate is ~$10 is huge too.

I had paid for Autodesk Sketchbook and loved it, until they went to a subscription model. It’s free again, but I don’t trust them. Plus if you want to do animation, it’s a different app, and back to subscription.

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you can lol, it’s really useful


Oh did not know lol I never really paid much attention to tik tok editing tools cause YouTube. Well the more you know! lol


Yep… you’re definitely twisting my arm. I have been looking for an excuse to buy an iPad Pro too… :thinking: which makes the $10 Procreate ALL IMPORTANT, as I’m going to be skint after buying the hardware… :pensive:

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You can get the pencil V1 support on the latest entry level iPad.

I’ve got the pro 2018 with v2, but I’ve heard good things about the V1 pencil.
Probably $400 out the door?

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