Philosophical time numero dos

Okayy so it has been like a couple of days since my first philosophy mention, so today I’m gonna try it again. What do you guys think about personal liberty and the ability to make decisions for yourself?

Should each person be allowed to make his or her own decisions (arguing that mankind is inherently good and can justify his own thought) or do you think an entity like a government or deity should help us out (arguing man is bad by nature and needs fixing by some more wise power)

This should be fun so let me know!!


Well, nobody’s perfect so some guidance would help.


hmmmm, well as you know I don’t really believe in “good” and “bad,” however for the sakes of discussion let’s just say that they do exist and are a part of nature.

I believe that some governing is needed because, let’s face it, we’re a mess as a society. however, some could argue that it’s because of government that we’re a mess.

I myself believe that we do need some governing :slight_smile:

(however, I just wish everyone could get along and not need to be told what to do and still be peaceful :sob: why can’t everyone be nice to each other!) (sorry for the tangent)

Everyone needs someone to show them the way but people know right from wrong; they know what to do. People should have the common sense to make the right decision on their own, but it’s whatever

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