Personal Spotlite Bytes

So I don’t know if this has mentioned it before, I scrolled down to see if someone posted it before but I did not see anything. So here’s my idea what if we could, on our main page select two or three of our Best Bytes the ones that we as creators think are Our Best Bytes and be able to pin them at the top like how on each of the channel’s has its own Spotlight category. It would kind of be like our own personal spotlight on our profile, the post we feel we would like everybody to see. Just an idea…


Hey, I like this idea too! It is listed on this post though as “be able to pin a video to the top of your profile”: All Ideas/Suggestions For Byte (Updated)


I like this idea a will help navigate your profile easier and will help newer byters to understand the type of content you are crating.:ok_hand:t2: Also, there was a suggestion (i can’t find the post, sorry :man_shrugging:t2:), to divide your own profile to channels(exp. comedy, my life, music, etc ) then a new user that just discovered your profile can navigate your profile easy to find all kind of connect instead of scrolling and searching for it. I think that would really make it special. Kind of youtube+vine


I did try to find it … Didnt tho but it is a cool idea I think… Maybe we could request it again?


Yeah I mean this post in itself is requesting it again or bumping the idea.


Oh okay… sweet … Thank you :blush:


This is a wonderful idea and so is @Yarongol’s. That is genius to be able to mix the organizational aspects of YouTube (putting what you feel is your best video / are your best videos at the top like that of a YouTube channel trailer and also separating/organizing them in a playlist manner). Really smart, good stuff and I’m completely for it.

Great job, fellas! :+1:


I think this idea is a must bc lets be real not all your bytes are gonna be amazing. Sometimes I upload bc I put time into it even if its not my best. When people visit channels it’d be great to see what they are capable of instead of their most recent trash :joy: Personally, I rarely scroll down someones channel to see their older bytes. I only do it when they have a few posted. Which means I could’ve easily missed their top 5 bytes if they have 20+ of them


^^^ Piggybacking off of that, I (and I’m assuming others) have a few Bytes that I felt deserved more love than what they got. Maybe I posted at a less than optimal time or people just weren’t as active on the app that day or what have you…

Instead of reposting it on a later date because you’re really proud of that particular one and want to give it another chance, maybe this would help to get the eyes on it you were hoping for!


Yeah as long as when someone follows you the “spotlight” or pinned byte goes away. Like how YouTube does it.


IDK! I kind of like the idea of showing my friends the app and saying “you have to check out this person”…and then being able to easily show them 1-3 videos that person is particularly proud of (that I likely enjoyed viewing as well)!


That’s a good point


I was expecting this post to be about users being able to sort another creator. I guess that’s pretty much what a rebyte is, but with the addition of showing it on the user’s account page for a short period of time.

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