Personal Colors on V2?

IDEA: What if you could personalize the colors of V2 and it’s theme? This could maybe end the debate over which color should be the main. I don’t think that other social media are doing this, so it would be a unique thing to V2. Green would be a default, or the at least the main color, imo.
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This post is very similar.


Oh, sorry. I’m messing up a lot recently.

It’s ok. Just make sure that something similar has not been posted before


I like it! It’s a lot like twitter in some sense.

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I also thought it would be cool to have the option to put a video or a gif as profile photo

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@jennifer kind of has something like that as the banner if you click on the profile


Ohh on the Forums?

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ye 8char

Black and white

Great idea! If it was the case! I would put a black background! :joy:

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I would like that :smile: