I’ve searched for it by using the search function on the forum, but could not find anything, so here I am…

What if v2 accounts would have permissions. Here I’ve got an example:

  • Creator
    The one who created the account, also the owner.

  • Content artist
    Can upload content to the account, with the option to have permission to delete videos or not.

  • Comment moderator
    Is able to moderate the comment section on the v2 page where he or she has the permissions.

What do you guys think about this? It’s just a quick draft.

Here is a similar thread for ya :slight_smile:

I think we have talked about moderators and a lot of topics about it, but what you’re saying I think that isn’t something needed if you want to work by yourself. If you have a team than cool.

@MattFogarty Could you perhaps delete this topic? Apparently I used the wrong keywords with the search function.

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Interesting. I am going to close this thread, but please share these same ideas in the other pre-existing thread. Thanks

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