Permissions for Rebytes

I’d like to be able to display some of the rebytes I do right on my account timeline along with all of my own bytes, but some I just want to share with my followers on their timeline.

I had an idea to add a permission to the rebyte that would let you also display the rebyted byte on your profile timeline. Maybe this is something the Teams feature discussed a long time ago will eventually address, but sure would be nice to include collab videos that your rebyte on your own profile page for the time being, which would deter cross-posting.


I like the idea but I’m fearful that this may be easily abused by rb 4 rb groups


I’m sure it will be, but, I don’t like limiting useful features like this to prevent people from abusing it. Comments are being abused by some people, but I’d hate to see that feature removed from the app. The people who do excessive r4r risk turning followers off and losing them. And if the Popular Now page is eventually replaced with something that isn’t ranked, that removes a lot of the motivation for doing r4r in the first place.

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This seems quite easy to abuse. The best course would be to have a tab or filter to view a profile’s Bytes and to view a profile’s Bytes and Rebytes. It seems quite the headache to implement that feature when it wouldn’t serve much of a purpose other than to over-complicate the concept of it. Even “Rebyte to timeline” and “Rebyte to followers” could confuse new users. I appreciate the thought behind it, I just think that there’s a better approach that could be taken.


When I joined I thought rebyting already did this!

No, the rebytes never appeared on your own Account timeline, they only appear in your home feed and the home feed of your followers.

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i think this is a great idea :+1:

I second the bump, but I know dom talked about having collabs set up in-app so both users could have the same video on both accounts not too long ago. Not sure if this is still going to happen eventually, but I’d love a way to do that. (Itll probably have a feature that limits the “owners” of the post. Like no more than 3 or 4. I dont know if I’ve ever seen a collab that big, unless it was just a big meet up or something)

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I would love such a feature. Sharing collabs on both profiles.