Perfect loops for import are cut short

I go to Abobe Premiere Rush to make a byte with a perfect looping song, but it doesn’t work because once uploaded into byte, the video is slightly cut short.

Here’s an example:
In this video, I slowed down a song to make it last 5.40s in Rush, then I doubled the video to prove that it loops well. Then I swipe over to Byte with the same slowed down video imported with the looping error.

Through experimentation, I further discovered that bytes filmed in the app can last ~6.25s, but only ~6.17s if imported. But this was before the most recent update, so I don’t know if it’s been changed or not.

Please fix this, I need my sweet sweet perfect loops!!

EDIT: After further, more precise experimentation with screen recording and the iPhone stopwatch, I have concluded that the maximum imported byte length is 6.40s and that importing into byte will shave off 0.10s. This also leads me to believe that the maximum in-app recorded byte length is 6.50s, but I can’t confirm this.

EDIT 2: I’ve achieved perfect loops (see below)

EDIT 3: I’ve conducted even further experimentation and even more accurate results. See my latest reply below!


I’ve done it. With my experimental results from above, I’ve achieved the perfect loop:

Please still fix this though, thx!

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Yeah for perfect loops I always add a little extra on the end and then pull the end back when I import to make sure it perfectly loops.


Yeah that works too, but I’d rather not have to readjust and recheck 40 times to get it right. And even then, it could be milliseconds off.


okay since I didn’t make it clear in my last post: this is indeed annoying af :pensive:


Dom offered a cool tip I haven’t tried it yet but if you are using music try this. Make the video 6.30 seconds then extend the music by .15 I believe this may work but I don’t know.


Yeah I was having this issue too… :pleading_face: I think I made a post about it last week. I’m hoping that the team will get a chance to fix that soon. :pleading_face:

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Okay, after reading Dom’s old post, and further experimenting, here are my results:

Byte will chop off 0.10s off each end of the video making a 6.00s video 5.80s long.


Add 0.20s from the beginning of the video to the end of the video. Alternatively, you can add 0.10s of video to the beginning and to the end.

Using Premiere Rush on iOS:
60fps (screen recording, useful for getting music, soundfx from YouTube): Add 12 frames at the end or 6 frames at each end.
6 frames = 0.10s

30fps (iPhone camera @ regular speed): Add 6 at the end or 3 frames at each end.
3 frames = 0.10s

My perfect loop results from earlier using this solution: