Perception bias

One of the crazy things about the human :brain: is how it interprets things.

I collect a bunch of these and use them to showcase how easily our perceptions can be shaped or even changed.

One of my favorites is the McGurk effect.

Take a look, and let me know what you hear.

Now go back and look at the other word.

:exploding_head: right?


I heard “brain needle.” :neutral_face:


i just hear brain storm or green storm

i don’t hear needle at all omg


It’s bizarre how it works. There are some other ones that are even more :exploding_head:.

It does explain why people get in arguments and think they heard two totally different things.

Ask a Gen Z to listen to Def Leppard “Pour some sugar on me”.

They’ll hear “ Living with a lover with a red IPhone”

The actual lyrics are “Living with a lover with a radar phone”

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i hear black and blue dress


I hear brainstorm when I think of brainstorm and close my eyes and green needle when my eyes are open and when I close them and think about green needle. So weird

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I hear brain storm

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I don’t get how people hear storm, it’s super clear the audio is saying needle, I kinda get mixed up on brain/green sometimes though

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I think that’s the point we all hear something different

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Read the word brain storm and then close your eyes and listen to it.

I hear “ugly rat Doritos”

I hear Yanny


I started hearing both. It changes and I’m scared​:eyes::lips::eyes:

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