People who miss the point of byte

NGL, I’m pretty critical of byters on the comedy page. If you ask me, most comedy bytes are bland, predictable, and belong on Facebook because of how lame the jokes are. But one other major pet peeve I have with the comedy page is the fact that everybody edits their bytes way too much ! Don’t get me wrong, if you wanted to add a little bit of background music to the punchline/twist in the last couple seconds or so, that’d be fine. A lot of the funniest Vines did that (I’m gonna kill the barber :rofl:). I think it gets to be a bit much (or TOO much) when people add background music to their entire byte, just as an example of one edit. The whole point of vine (which I would assume also applies to byte) was the simplicity of coming up with an idea and putting that idea out there in a matter of minutes (or a couple hours at most (in most cases)). By not adding any edits to your bytes, it makes them seem lazily made, but that just means you gotta let the joke carry the byte, and that’s exactly why a lot of vines are hilarious (again, it’s about the idea and the joke, not everything around the idea/joke). By adding effects, all these edited comedy bytes look cheap and tacky and even super tryhard (sorry not sorry). I’ve seen good ideas for bytes wasted on cheap edits that distract from said ideas.

Another thing that’s distracting is the way byters “deliver their lines.” I don’t mean to call anybody on byte “bad actors” (even though none of us are actors to begin with, so it wouldn’t even matter), but I’ve seen a lot of byters who try to act all hammy and corny and overact for the sake of their jokes (though it just makes them sound forced in the end). With Vine, a lot of the funniest Vines gave off a carefree and fun tone. WIth a lot of these bytes, byters are trying to make their videos more “cinematic,” which I don’t think is the best idea for an app like byte (then again, to contradict myself, I might just not have found a byte that’s been able to do that yet (IMHO, of course)).

In conclusion, when making bytes for the comedy page, don’t focus so much on your editing or “line delivery.” Instead, just try to make funny jokes, because that’s what the byte comedy page is all really about (and also because most of you gotta go back to the drawing books and come up with funnier material (just sayin’).

PPS: Just because “comedy is subjective,” that doesn’t mean there isn’t a right or wrong way to tell a joke (or a right or wrong way to tell a joke a large majority of people will find funny). What I mean is, you can tell a joke 300 people will find funny, but that doesn’t mean a huge theater full of people (as an example) will bust their guts laughing at it

PPPS: Sorry if my tone upsets you, but if anyone gets upset by my critiques, just keep in mind, Gordon Ramsey and Simon Cowell (for example) never got their fame and respect from being the nicest :smiling_imp:
(I’m just speaking my mind, take it or leave it)


Yes, that’s exactly what subjective means. Just because a small portion may not like it, doesn’t mean that it’s not funny nor does it necessarily mean that it is funny. It’s just whatever you feel about the joke(s). Like I said before, theres no rule book for making comedic bytes. People can be creative, use editing softwares, etc. Some may not be funny to me, but that doesn’t make it unfunny to everyone else. If we all do one specific sort of style, nobody’s bytes will evolve and people will end up being unhappy with their videos. I see where you’re coming from, but we shouldn’t discourage people from tapping into their creative side!


it is i, the gatekeeper of comedy, if you don’t like what i like you are WRONG

gordon ramsey is a world renowned chef, simon cowell is one of the biggest names in the music industry, neither of them got their names for being rude they got them for being good at what they do lol

have you considered

improving yourself instead of focusing on other people


comedy is subjective lol

based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions.


True they got it from being experts in their field.


1.) Simon Cowell is a critic. That’s his job. He and Gordon Ramsey (Gordon Ramsey especially) are cold, heartless bastards :joy: but they tell it like it is (or at least how they feel)

2.) Have you ever even seen my bytes? I’ll be the first to admit that they aren’t the best, but just because I don’t think my bytes are all that funny, that doesn’t mean I can’t critique others (same goes for film and music critics who’ve never made movies or music)

3.) I’m not making this post to prove that I’m smarter than anyone. I’m just trying to give some advice

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Ok, then what about YouTube music and film critics? What about the YouTube critics with zero subs who make good points? What about your friends who think your bytes “suck?” (That’s just a hypothetical scenario, but I hope you get my point). Basically, anybody can be a critic, especially a comedian’s audience (which is where people like us stand)

There are jokes and comedy styles that are lazier/easier than others. For example: relatable comedy. Extremely easy to make and a lot of the time they do well. Is it an objectively skilled form of comedy? No. Then again, I used to laugh at relatable comedy when I was younger but the more I consumed media I matured and realized it was mostly just the same formula and joke recycled. It got old. My solution: I don’t click like on bytes that use relatable comedy bc they aren’t funny to me. I think comedy that is original and unique is better objectively because it required more talent. But, relatable comedy will be around forever. So just “dislike” those vids or kind of comedy you don’t like when the feature comes out or just don’t “like” it. You might be frustrated that some people find comedy you don’t like funny, but that’s the case plenty of the time. Just cast your vote and move on.


I think there are a ton of comedy commentary channels on YouTube who critique and joke on bad comedy and do it well. They make good points while also being funny and not just throwing insults with no jokes or base.


Sure, people can do whatever they want (and I may have honestly contradicted myself :joy:), but the goal of byte for most if not all of us (I can only assume) is to be successful comedians with internet influence. I’m just here trying to give my two cents on how people can get better at reaching a larger audience, because honestly I don’t see the next Drew Gooden or Thomas Sanders on byte right now. I also don’t believe the majority of people would like this kind of comedy on byte (I’ve seen the hate comments from the app’s launch week). I might sound harsh, but I guarantee you that there are worse people out there with even worse opinions online (I don’t mean to shift the blame or anything, I’m just proving a point)

I don’t think I’m being too harsh. I’m trying to speak my mind while not trying to offend people too hard (clearly I’m not doing a good job :joy: ZING) At least includes not name-calling or trolling (remember the hate comments from the launch week? Those guys were BRUTAL)

If you want validation for your opinions on bad comedy look up Cody Ko, Drew Gooden, Danny Gonzalez, Kurtis Connor, Noel Miller, etc.
Edit: personally I watch them and it’s nice to watch someone clowning on comedy that’s objectively bad. It is validating in a way because many people agree some kinds of comedy are lazy or objectively bad. I, however, don’t feel the need to target anyone on byte with my opinion on their comedy because that’s not why I’m here. If you do, start a YouTube channel and go crazy.


I’m already subbed to all those guys, and I agree with all of them and their opinions. I bet they’d even say similar things about the byters, seeing as how their Vines are pretty different from the bytes on… well, byte

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yeah i think it would be really funny to see any of them take a look at byte lol. I mean it’d be good exposure, but they comment on things as a joke and people really shouldn’t be offended by what they do. Personally I would be ecstatic if I was ever roasted by cody ko lmao

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You know that Simon Cowell’s expertise doesn’t come from being a critic, right?


Dang, ya caught me! :joy: Yeah, sorry, but he’s known as a critic, right? That’s how I know him

Who made you the king of comedy? And aren’t you not supposed to single out people on the forums ? Like bruh if you gonna talk smack about Kevin atleast @ him


I’ve been considering it actually :joy:

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I want you to know I understand where you are coming from. I see jokes that objectively aren’t good, and worse, jokes that are copied or the result of some comedy equation. But Lele Pons has millions of subscribers so i think getting mad about it is futile lol


i just don’t get it lol, people are allowed to critique when they have relevant experience and knowledge, do you have a degree in comedy? are you at the top of your field? what have you done that you feel gives you the power to decide what’s good or bad