People who do this need to be banned

There are so many “bigger” creators that all they do is go through recent and follow and unfollow everyone. They are just fishing for follow backs and it is so annoying to get a notification from the same person following (then unfollowing) you several times a day.

A prime example of this is @justinkittelson I’d highly recommend reporting and blocking the guy. He needs to stop it.


Earlier I didn’t want to sound like a jerk and say that, but… I think if they’re banned from ever using the service again (doesn’t matter how many accounts they create) it’ll teach them a lesson.


I honestly agree. People who do that are absolutely stupid.

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It’s disappointing when people are fishing for followers/ fame instead wanting to create genuine content that people would want to follow them for.

I’ve worked as Social Media Manager before and the best way to grow a following is to be authentic and and share content that people find value in.


They should do like Twitter does and not give a notification for following then unfollowing someone and then also limit the number of people you can follow in a short amount of time


I thought i saw his name pop up in my mentions more than once for following! That’s rather annoying, but im of the mind that not everyone deserves to be followed just because they follow you.

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