People still coming to the app

Am I crazy or people are slowly starting to come to the app? I’m seeing the algorithm change a lot and nobody is leaving.


I’ve noticed that too and I feel like Byte is starting to get recognized and stuff. Basically I feel like the app is starting in a way :joy: Love it. :fire::heartbeat:


There’s a tightknit group of teenagers around my age on the app that are all about retention, so that’s helping with the more teenage side of byte.

I was the first wave in July and this growth seems more natural


I’ve been on Byte since it got released and I can tell you that this period of the year doesn’t feel like the waves since february. From february until now, it felt pretty empty even with the waves of people coming here and there. I feel like now is where Byte really starting to make a name for themselves and not getting laughed at for being “this random app”.