People prefer the OG VINE & not TIKTOK

Many people eat MacDonald, dosent mean it’s GOOD


Your videos are… something else. To be fair I can’t judge the videos you described, which I haven’t seen.

Many people use TikTok just because they can use it to advertise sell their brand off-site whether as an influencer or a product to sell - it’s a circle of clout chasing. people aren’t there to make art or be entertained

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Tiktok favours bland young relatable content and repeating trends. It’s in the algorithm. If your into that sort of thing. It’s fine. But byte is actively trying to be something else. Not more ‘pure’ or better just… less corporate


TikTok origin came about from Musically which core was lipsync and using audio to put a twist on a particular song/music - it’s in the DNA or culture of the app to do that.

There are original content on there but u gotta remember where it came from. It’s not boring repeatable and all clout chasing like u guy like to label it.

Careful how u guys label creators whether it’s tiktok or any platform - cause some might take offense to it :blush::gift_heart:

Bruh Tiktok has like a billion daily users which is 5x more than Vine had at its peak. People really really love that app, as much as you guys love to dismiss it as “cringe” or “normie”, it’s a lot of fun.

You truly have no clue what you’re talking about.

It’s in the algorithm which promotes young wealthy people. Yes i have experience. Vids doing well on tiktok and BYTE. Check it out. I’m not being judgemental of content creators, it’s the corporation and marketing tactics wich make the big performing forming apps accountable and promotes mediocre content and content theft


@electronicant78 not necessarily :blush::gift_heart:

It’s just u gotta understand the workings of the algorithm- algorithm is a program and if u understand how it works, ur content will consistently do well

If u want some pointers, message me and I can share my tips :blush::gift_heart:

Yeah I know how it works. I get high view to like ratios then vids get no views.

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I honestly don’t understand how this became a debate. Tiktok has agenders beyond helping people create original content. This is factual. Wether you enjoy it or not I like being on the platform is not a problem


How many vine vs byte vs TikTok comparison conversations does this forum need?

If people say let byte be byte it’s for no other reason than these conversations are so tiresome. But since we’re here:

Vine was lightning in a bottle. It was a very special/important app, but it’s dead now. Put the shovels and the flashlights away.

TikTok is like shouting in a noisy gymnasium. Sure people will engage you but it’s so noisy and overstuffed and there are other people shouting louder and they’re probably better looking…or at least shinier.

Byte is this new amorphous blob and it can be whatever we make it…but the least interesting thing we could do is try to make it one of those other things.

Just make cool shit ffs.




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Let byte be byte and like not need to copy the works of other apps. They have their purpose and so does byte so let byte have that purpose.


LMAO OEVO is salty about byte! hahaha


Lol right. Is that app still up btw? Like is anyone still using it?