People prefer the OG VINE & not TIKTOK

What’s up guys,
Facebook launched its short video sharing app named “Lasso” which is said to outrun TikTok in no time. YouTube or should I say GOOGLE too came up with their own short video creating app named “Shorts” to rival TikTok. And guess what? Instagram made “REELS” to win over TikTok too! Now get this, TikTok copied vine in the first place, what does that mean? Vine is the OG & everyone loved it.

In my opinion Byte should adapt more from vine than from TikTok inorder to prevent getting crushed by these other bigger companies!

This is a screenshot from a news website where Lasso’s launch was being discussed and see what people think:

The people of the byte community HATES it when anyone talks about the vine app. They can’t agree to the reality & say one thing over & over “TikTok is TikTok, Vine was Vine & let byte be byte”. Most of us can’t paint the big picture, that byte doesn’t have a special characteristic to which we can say “byte is byte” yet. We’re moving forward to becoming yet another clone of TikTok. Please save the app before things get worse. I want to see the app dominating these apps not getting crushed by them.

@dom, the creator of the vine app has made another 6 seconds looping app named byte” was the hype statement why people joined byte; not knowing that it will turn to 16 seconds like TikTok"

P.S I’m not a hater. In fact, I want the app to shine more than @dom himself lol.


Also, on that note Facebook & Insta finna copy TikTok like they did with SC :sleepy:


I personally don’t see a situation where Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube become serious competitors to TikTok. Or any platform that isn’t solely dedicated to short videos. YouTube has a snapchat-like feature too but tbh i can’t tell you the last time I’ve watched those lol. I definitely dont think Byte should try to copy TikTok to take their audience like those other platforms are doing because I think anyone trying to do that will fail. I do think the longer time to 16 seconds, however, has been beneficial and I think it opens the app up more to different genres. I think 16 seconds is still short enough to challenge people creatively and i hope it doesn’t ever get longer than that. I dont see Byte as similar to TikTok at all imo and I think it’s on the right track, though low engagement rn isn’t encouraging obviously.


Yep I appreciate the 16 seconds


All these apps are mostly kids dancing and repeating trends, clout chasing. They can be as big and popular as they like, they’ll still be cringe and fake entertainment.


lasso has been around for a while now and believe me…it isn’t going anywhere :poop: :toilet: :flushed: :dash:


I completely agree with this. I go on TikTok daily because it’s addicting. Although, many users who have been on Tiktok since late 2018-early 2019 miss the originality. Lately Tiktok has been a bunch of clout chasing and repetitive content (at least on my for you page). I notice a lot of the OGs of TikTok and a lot of the users are getting annoyed with people such as the hype house ruining TikTok with clout overall. I feel like this is where Byte can somehow shine at the right time and/or be advertised correctly. Most of the videos promoting byte on TikTok tell people to delete TikTok and I don’t think this is the way to go. :grimacing:

In my personal opinion, Byte and TikTok play hand in hand. If I want to see fun, trendy dances or videos with music, then I’ll go on Tiktok. Although, if I get tired of repeating content, I usually go on byte :woman_shrugging:t2:


Totally agree with this! Also, the 16 second time limit on Byte isn’t like Tik Tok. Technically, the limit for Tik Tok is 60 seconds, so there’s definitely a difference.

Also, like I mentioned when this feature was just released (because the same thing happened when we were given 8s), everyone was probably going to struggle with it at first, but now I feel like everyone adjusted to the 16s time limit wonderfully. :raised_hands: :blush: :raised_hands:

Everyone only uses the time needed to get their point across and doesn’t try to record the full 16s just because they have it. Tbh, I feel like everyone was trying to do that at the beginning lol.

Most of the time nowadays, it’s almost like I can’t even tell which bytes are 16s anymore because the bytes that are actually 16s are created so wonderfully that I’m kept entertained all the way through :raised_hands: :blush: :raised_hands: .


Yeah at the beginning people were testing it out and it wasn’t always the best lol but I’d agree I can’t tell most of the time if it’s over 8s because people are paying well mostly


TikTok has seen an increase in users over the years. My content continues to gain traction. It doesn’t seem to be in danger of a competitor. I could see there being equals, but TikTok for the moment holds weight.

im wondering when they will “officially release” the app or when they will start marketing the app. Byte is still word of mouth and is slowly getting bigger. Problem is that byte doesn’t retain people’s attention for longer than a month.

I’ll be very curious to see how or when byte gets bigger. But I wouldn’t worry about those competitors. Facebook is basically dead and IG won’t have the same feel as Tik tok or byte.

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I personally don’t like Facebook, but it is far from dead. If it were dead, it wouldn’t be used by schools, it wouldn’t be one of the for biggest tech companies, and it wouldn’t have billions of users.

Okay, so let me ask you this: If you say people prefer OG Vine over TikTok, then why didn’t they flock to and stay on Byte when it first launched? Because Byte at that time was still quite a bit like Vine, except for the tall videos. On launch day, the app got slammed with people, but now, a few months later, engagement is way down, almost to what it was during the closed beta.

So what the Byte team appears to be doing is breaking out of that Vine box by introducing some “radical” features, like 16-second videos and (soon) a Dislike button. They are trying to find Byte’s niche, because it seems clear that while people loved Vine, they’re not too interested in actually going back to an app like Vine again. Dom has already admitted that Byte is sort of having an “identity crisis” right now, and as a result, we may see some pretty big changes down the road that make Byte even less like Vine.

When Vine first came out it was completely unique. There was nothing like it. That’s no longer true.

There’s an app called OEVO (not sure if it’s still around or not) that created a Vine knockoff about 2 years ago. It copied the Vine interface quite a bit: 6-seconds, square videos, popular page, etc. They even hired a bunch of popular Viners to create content on the app. It flopped. Probably mostly due to the constant bugs and terrible interface, but, it was even more like Vine than Byte, but no one cared.

I think it’s pointless to conflate the nostalgia people had for Vine with people actually wanting to go back to using an app like Vine. It seems pretty clear now they are not the same thing. That’s why (I think) the Byte team isn’t wasting time trying to make Byte more like Vine. Because nothing can ever recreate that "Vine energy.” As a result, Byte will have to be its own thing. It’ll never be like Vine because nothing ever can be.

So, what will make Byte thrive like Vine did? Hard to know! I think Dom and his team are hoping to figure that out by trying all kinds of new and different things that other apps haven’t really tried yet. I hope they’re successful because they understand the importance of community, unlike TikTok.


Building on what @TomWho said other things about Vine was it built fans after its closure through compilation. Heck, I bet most people couldn’t name me 3 vines that aren’t constantly put in those compilations? This brings a false memory of what it was. Yeah god tier content came out of it but not every video was like that. Not to mention another big factor on why it shut down is cause it didn’t evolve fast enough with the times. Creators quickly hopped to insta when they launched 15 second videos. I mean also monetization but that fix is in the works. The moral of the story is the weak get left behind unfortunately, so not adapting with the times would be foolish of the team really. :man_shrugging:t2: We had our fun with Vine now let’s move on!


Idk man, tell that to the 800 million daily users of TikTok. You’re drawing a conclusion from one single comment. The numbers don’t lie.


This community is and always will be the original and every changing community for the better. were trend setters and we set trends for the right things! That I can stand behind.

Idk why reading all those other names made me feel a bit anxious lol. I’m getting weird WWE v. WCW v. ECW vibes hearing those other app names

It’s like every social media app is launching a newer app to compete against TikTok. But I do have to agree that a big part of what lured me into byte was Dom being a creator of vine, since vine has almost a god level status.


your art is more pure?

I don’t know. Have you seen any of my vids? You tell me…

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