People outside the community’s views on byte

Recently byte (still called “v**e 2” by these people) came up in a conversation I had. Someone mentioned they were a little disappointed that it didn’t happen, and I informed them that byte is still alive and well.

What is your experience with talking about byte with people outside these forums?


SAME EXACT THING LOL :joy: they said something like “I’m sad that v i n e 2 never happened but tik tok is like v i n e 2 so it’s ok” I wanted to pull my hair out lol and she also mentioned that fake V2 app that came out in the beginning of last year and thought that was Byte :sob::sob: this is why I am really hoping the advertising plan for Byte is gonna be really good :pray:


Some people and relatives roll their eyes at the idea of content creating or the vast amount of friendships I’ve made around the world from this great community, but others are pretty supportive! depends on who you talk to tbh


This is what I’m hoping too !! I hope they have a great plan when it comes to advertising and a lot of money to spend on it… :blush: ill do my bit my spreading the word and so should everyone else :slight_smile:


they have no interest lol. i’m not really around the types of people who would be anyway though


I always see a million t*ktok ads on Snapchat and YouTube, they’re definitely effective


Okay, so an encounter is with my twin sister. She isn’t really into this but I always tell her about byte (and let her see my bytes sometimes). She is happy that :vine: is back (she was the one introduced me to it) but she’s really not into the hype and craziness that I am.


I see them too


I stated this earlier this week but yeah most people just saw a viral tweet saying v2 and never cared to actually look it up. :tear: but if they finally do they’ll find articles of everything thats happened since and the forums and more info on the app. I just say the guy who made :vine: is making a new app and people usually say cool but would rather rate for release than spend time waiting for beta or forums which is fine to me. :sunglasses::ok_hand:


i don’t really blame them. they probably just saw the v2 tweet and either forgot about it or assumed it just never happened. don’t worry though, they’ll be blown away by the time byte comes out :)))


those ads cost $3+ million a day, which is more than we have or have ever had for our entire existence :sweat_smile:. so for ads/marketing, we can’t really compete on that front. we have to rely on word of mouth and organic growth, at least for a while. if things go well we can revisit ads later!

i touched on this in another thread too:

but it’s all good! we’re not interested in buying ourselves into existence and the challenges that come with a smaller budget have forced us to do some creative problem solving


You dont need big advertising when you have big stars also mentioning the app, im sure they’ll be just as good as buying ads. :wink:


don’t worry dom, minecraft didn’t really have ads either. look where it is now, through the sheer power of earned reputation. you’re probably not even worrying but i just wanted to say this ok bye


All I remember is Chuck Norris promoting it so like it could be the same for Byte where big ex viners promote it :pray:


I would donate and contribute funds to help byte succeed and I’m sure a lot of others would as well jussayin


also just want to be clear we don’t view tiktok as a competitor in any major way. :slight_smile: i respond to these questions to shed light on things (to explain why a robust ad campaign wouldn’t be a day 1 thing for example) and some of the memes are fun, but we have our own plan that we feel great about. it‘ll just take some time for that to be fully apparent


yikes. knew they must’ve cost a lot but not that much.


The few people I’ve talked to that actually cared about Byte were ex-:vine:ers, some of which said that TikTok was :vine: 2. (Which was really frustrating :joy:) And even then, they weren’t “hyped”, they just said they hope it happens. Most of the people I talk to about Byte respond with something along the lines of “Don’t hold your breath”, or “If :vine: died, then why would Byte be any better? Why would they try again with something that failed?”

So I may be a tad vengeful to those people, but I can’t wait for them to try explaining things like that once the app is out :grinning:


ain’t that the truth


My closest friends know that Byte is a
:vine: and say that the appearance looks a little like Tik Tok and the most skeptical believe I’m lying, it’s a copy and Byte will not be successful because that TikTok is already there.