Payday.. applewatch vs macbook

so im getting paid 500 so im either gonna get an apple watch or a cheap macbook.
what shall i get?
ill get whatever the majority choose :smiley:

once they are ordered ill post proof :blush:


why not just save it and get a rolex


depends what’s more convenient… apple watch is a watch, and it really depends what you’re gonna do with it or what you’re planning with it(entertainment idk). if you need an upgrade for a laptop or just a good one in general, then macbook probably the way to go.


I‘d go for the MacBook because I wouldn’t really need the apple watch. But you should look what’s more convenient for you :slight_smile:


I was about to say “wtf why is this a matchup” but now it makes far more sense. Macbook though.


Depends where your priorities are at. An apple watch seems more like a luxury than a macbook ans serves less than a purpose, so I’d get the macbook.


MacBook. An Apple Watch is basically the same thing as your phone imo.


Go for practicality. What will you needed more, what will serve as the more useful one and what’s really necessary. In my case, I’ll go for the macbook


I’d rather get three pairs of AirPods myself but choosing from the two i would probably save up and get a macbook


MacBook. The long run its the best choice. Plus, the screen is larger for binging Netflix (we all know the REAL reason we use laptops…)


I’d rather go with the mac book. I waste enough time as it is on the internet. Having a watch would probably only make it worse

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MacBook 100%, Apple Watch is more for like notifications

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Many people know by experience what would be the best answer…and of course it’s MacBook! Off-topic, maybe after using some time iPad Pro (magic keyboard may release) could change perspectives. Apple, please make a BOOM this year, you are stuck. I like apple seriously really, one thing I wanted most is battery life to be of more quality and to stand longer. I’m a customer to official service centre for apple BreakFixNow , and they told me about tricks how to use apple right and fewer problems will be visible. These guys really do enjoy their work and make everything 10/10, respect.

I’m actually considering getting an Apple Watch, but the battery life is terrible. I’m :crossed_fingers: they fix that and the (yet again) weird proprietary charger for the watch.