Pausing byte videos

does anybody else agree that pausing videos in bytes can sometimes be a little frustrating? at the moment we have to long press to pause, and there’s often a delay between this and when the video actually pauses. I think it would be amazing if byte only required a short tap to instantly pause videos!


Maybe a long tap to pop up the comments and a short tap to pause to Make it more accurate where u wanna stop


yeah, I think that’s a great idea!!! would make the interface a lot more intuitive I think :sweat_smile:


Agree, also have a control options to rewind and skip etc

Yeah i agree. Sometimes I want to pause at a specific point and it takes a while lol


Agreed. I would like to see this option in the “posting” section where you can add text and music. It’s really frustrating to move & resize text while the byte rewinds over and over again.

yes!!! especially for the longer style videos, you really feel the impact from not being able to skip ahead when they’re more than 6 seconds :sob:


When this feature was introduced in beta, and people suggested swapping it, doms response was:

personally, im still on the side of tap to pause and hold for comments. And while an option allowing to swap em would be nice, i think people all over social media have become accustomed to the one tap pause


Why not swiping to bring in comments from the side and tapping to pause? Currently side sweeping does nothing.

I think tik tok even has a separate button for comments

Yeah it just feels uncomfortable and weird to hold for bytes to be paused. it would be pretty cool to do that for comments in my opinion.


I think I could direct my aim well enough to tap in the right place for comments or to pause :pleading_face::point_right::point_left:



jk, yah id prefer having the option to tap the screen to pause and click the comment icon for comments, and then the hold for comments would be good incase ppl didnt want to keep clicking the comments icon


I’m just realizing I never tap anywhere except the comments icon for comments out of habit. When this whole time I coulda been tapping anywhere


same, and the amount of times ive tried tapping to pause is uncountable


Sometimes I want a screenshot of a specific frame in someone’s byte (for reasons) and ill try pausing at the right moment like 3 times before getting frustrated and screenshotting 20 times or exporting the entire video so I can pause it precisely.


reasons eh? suspicious
i just download it cause i do NOT have enough skill to pause it perfectly


Yeah. I don’t understand the logic of this feature’s setup. When I first used the app I only ‘tapped’ to see if I could pause the video, only to be surprised to see that it brought up comments instead. I thought I missed clicked until I kept doing it by accident.

It took me awhile to figure out how to ‘hold’ to pause because I never experienced this type of feature before.


I’ve wanted this literally since they first introduced the pause feature

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+1, pausing is a pain on the app. As there is already a way to view comments (by tapping on the comment icon) but only one way to pause, I think a short tap should be used to pause, and if really necessary, a long tap to pop open the comments panel. On Vine, you tapped the video once to pause, twice to like. That worked pretty well.