Pause & Restart Functionality

One of the most annoying things about Vine was having to wait for a vine to restart so you could turn your phone around and show a friend.

I think it would be really useful if you could touch and hold the screen to pause a video, and Force Touch (iOS) to restart it.

Comedy is about punchlines. If your friend knows the punchline before the setup, the joke loses its impact. I think adding this small feature would add a lot to the user experience.


Something like this would be awesome! I agree it’s awkward when you’re like “wow you have to see this” and then they look and you’re like “nonowait … okay now” but by then they peaced out smh


This is one thing that bugs me about instagram, if V2 had it and some other features, i’d never leave the app.


I do not know if it is necessary, The duration of the videos are 6 seconds. I see it more necessary for Instagram

@ThomyBalca does have a point about how they’re only six-seconds long but you’re so right about the punchline thing. I think it’d be a nice feature that helps shape the app up overall.

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I mean if the person can’t wait less than 6 seconds to see the start of the video than was it really worth it to try and show them in the first place? :joy:

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Great idea my friend! I’m not sure if It’d personally peek my interest if we could do something like this exactly, but I like the idea. Maybe something where the video automatically starts back up when you scroll over it? Or what if there was a small “reloop” button where it starts it from the beginning? Just throwing out ideas

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I’m not sure every phone will have force touch so maybe you could rethink that?

Idk. This one is quite questionable because instagram already has that feature. And vine’s numbers depends on the loops as well. Which is kind of what makes it unique as well. Maybe there could be or maybe not. idk we’ll see i guess

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Oh gosh I remember vnes being made about trying to show your friends a vne but there’s no pause button. One thing that made a lot of the videos so popular however, was the massive amount of loops it got which I feel would be hindered if there was a pause button. Idk just my thoughts

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I think a good idea might be that a single tap could restart it from the beginning. that way you can easily start it over if you missed something or wanted to show a friend. holding down on the video could also pause it potentially.

Double tap is so familiar to liking something from instagram that it would be tough to repurpose that action and get people to follow suit. So double tap could either like it or just do nothing.