Past, Present and the Future of this Community

It’s been a hot minute since I made a topic last, mainly because we are running out of ideas.

I want to talk about something I truly care about on this website, family, it’s an amazing thing we have here. We’ve gotten to know hundreds of people with similar interests, build friendships, connect outside of the forums and even in real life. This forum page is a huge blessing for some of us and we are so lucky to have such a great community and strong family here.

I want to give you a run down of what we’ve all been through for those who have been here since the beginning and the others that are new who want to catch up.

The Beginning
In January 2018 during the the first week of the forums, the original users had the first step a new territory and new faces all around. Naturally we all started asking questions, playing games, coming up with ideas and most importantly receiving updates from Dom. Over the next months we welcomed thousands of new users and got to know everyone who was active.

Then the unthinkable happened near the end of spring Dom announced that V2 would be postponed indefinitely. This was probably the most important thing to happen, let me explain. Up to that point we all were getting more hyped up and closer to each other. Then Dom released the news and the next couple of months the forums went dark. The only people who emerged were the ones who truly cared about the community. They ventured out and connected outside the forums through group chats, snapchat, instagram, twitter, etc.

Early August Dom released that it’s back in action with a new name. This set the ball rolling and everyone came back. From then an official discord was made by @Kaden that brought us closer than ever before and gave us the ability to speak to each other live as a group. Since then we have been on a call with about 5-15 people almost everyday and a constant live chat that never goes inactive.

Personally this website has changed my life. Not sure about you, but some of the people I’ve met are now closer to me than people who I know outside of the internet. I’m going to college next year out of state and I will be leaving all my friends and everyone I’ve ever known behind. I’m glad to know that I have a whole family here to support me and people to talk to when I get lonely/bored. I don’t know where I would be if you all were not in my life. I thank you all.

We have done some incredible things as a whole, here are some stats:
Forum Users ------- 15.1k
Total Posts ------- 163k
Total Topics ------- 5.8k
Total Likes ------- 174k
Basic Rank ------- 3k
Member Rank ------- 974
Expert Rank ------- 54
Discord Users ------- 827
Bots ------ @FaizalDawx

So now where?
The future might seem scary, the forums and discord servers will flood with new users once the beta is released. Will this be a good thing to interact with new users or will this just cause a bunch of spam and dilute the close community? I want to hear what you guys think about this. Obviously we accept everyone as if they have been here the whole time, but how should we handle the influx of new users?

Can confirm,


Great message by the community Super hero.


We’re such a strong group. Hope we never grow apart :heart:


we should handle it by having the best people as mods! :wink:

Seriously thought the forum has come so far, the fact there are so many people active every day is amazing for an app that isn’t out yet. Only good things to come <3


Hey @Super,
your post is very beautiful, thank you for that.
Of course, the Byte community will grow and that is something very positive.
At some point, we’ll need user guidelines to handle the influx of new users. Apart from that, we should just continue with our conversations like we’re used to do, like we’re doing it right at this moment.
I think you said it very accurately and @annam too, we’re a family and we’ll never grow apart. We survived the end of Vine and yet here we are.
Pretty sure, we’ll have a bright future.


damn this is so true! great post dylan

i’m so glad to be apart of this and know so many great people. we’re all in this together :grin: :blue_heart:

i just got the urge to wanna watch hsm now


This is why you’re the legendary expert




I love this by the way, all memes aside!


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Great post

For the influx of users, I’d say we just wait and see what happens. We had no plans for (most of) the things we have done or the people we met to this day. Perhaps let nature take its course


As a DAY ONE, I appreciate you making this post. Because when the app drops I’m afraid the forum history will be forgotten. But I’m ready to start making videos and actually meeting you guys. The future is bright. Good luck to you all. #LoveThisCommunity


I can still remember when it was just me and a couple of other peopleposting on here then the announcement came and people started resurfacing and that got me hype


WoW , great post ! Everything you said is soo good GG ! I believe the influx of new users will do great for the forums :heart_eyes: , but maybe a few rules will have to be added to deal with spam and stuff like that.

Can’t wait for the Beta :heart_eyes:


EXCELLENT POST! I love this community, in that we have connected with people around the world. Thanks @dom


~ this was a great post Dylan, can confirm

Likewise, I’m also very grateful and happy to be a part of this lovely community that Dom has brought together.

As for the influx of forum users, like our most trusted and reliable bot (@FaizalDawx) has said, “we should just wait and see what happens”. Then from there, we can just go with the flow of things. Keep in mind that an influx of users will be very easy to manage, control, and organize especially with the sheer amount of experts we currently have along with the increase of mods which the byte team will soon be adding/promoting.



Wow. I won’t lie to you this made me want to cry. This forum and this experience have been an important part of my life since last year and it’ll probably be an important part for the rest of my life. I don’t talk too much in the discord yet I’ve met cool people who have made me laugh and who have lifted me up. This community is amazing and everyone deserves the best. And yeah, things are always changing and in the next months things will start moving fast.

I like that you had the chance of stopping a little bit in order to reflect what this means to you. It made me do it also.


wow… guys wow… thanks @Super and @everyone. It’s cheesy, I know, but I really do think this forum helped my life in a significant way. And man, you explained everything. I hope that the forum that we have at the moment, and all its history, won’t be forgotten by anyone. We’re gonna be nostalgic one day soon, lol

Thank you, my friends, sincerely. This is one of the best parts of the internet and byte too. I love this. I have so much to say, but don’t wanna say too much lol. Thank you. This is honestly one of the greatest experiences of my life. You guys are real friends.

ok no more ramble :’)
jk though

Thanks guys. Let’s do this community and everyone right! :facepunch:


It’s been the hell of a ride. Cheers :clinking_glasses:


Pretty great run-down, and impressive stats!! Thanks for breaking all that down for us :smiley:


Here’s to everyone in this amazing group, and the coming growth in the future! Absolutely legendary.