Past creators having an advantage?

Just a small concern, wondering if anyone else has the same worry. Would the old top creators have an advantage in gaining a following on the new platform? What would you guys think if we saw old top creators from v1 get more attention and dev favoritism? Leave thoughts!


Most of the top creators will have a major push. Because they have survived on other platforms🤔

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Anyone with a following on any social media is going to have an advantage, but consistency and good content always allows new people to find there way among the top creators


I wish there was something to do to stop the giants from coming in and ruining it. But at the same time, they will bring massive audiences to v2

some artists will have an inbuilt audience, and that’s admirable. they’ve earned it. it would be wrong to downplay or otherwise mitigate that.

other than that, i will say any promotion we do will always be based on value, not reach.


Value first :slight_smile: love it

bumpin this for future references :wink: