Pass the emoji

I pass @neefy the :christmas_tree: because i dont know what to do with it


I caught the :tropical_fish: from @JordanMiller and now passing it onto @danielromero

God damn it Rice I pass @MikeLantz the :christmas_tree:

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OooOoo I love :christmas_tree:’s :blush:
I pass the :christmas_tree: to @gemikun

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I catch the :tropical_fish: from @jellyjhar

And I pass it onto @J.Key

Caught the :tropical_fish: from @danielromero, dropped it, and quickly scooped it over to @Jacobshadowminer

I catch the :tropical_fish: from @J.Key and I pass it onto @Benf


I pass @stillinflux the :microphone:

I pass @Reallyahmed the mayo

I pass the :duck: to @dom