Pascal's Wager

So i have a philosophy debate tomorrow and I’m hoping somebody can help explain this to me. Basically believe in God or don’t and be right or wrong… IDK HELPPP

Doubt you’re going to get much help here if we don’t know much about it. Try watching some videos and reading/watching other debates on it.

check here maybe?

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As I understand it, it has to do with risk vs. reward. Pascal says two possibilities exist: either God is real or God is not. If God isn’t real, it doesn’t matter whether or not you believe in Him (or Her or It or whatever). There’s nothing to lose, or gain in that case.
But if God is real, it does matter whether or not you believe in Him. Not believing in Him in this case yields eternal damnation and therefore is the infinite risk. But if you believe in Him you get eternal paradise which is basically infinite reward.
Since, Pascal asserts, there is infinite reward and no risk associated with believing in God, but there is infinite risk and no reward associated with not believing in God, it is most practical for people to believe in God. There’s nothing to lose from doing so.

Of course, the reasoning is pretty disputed. It doesn’t deal with which God you’re supposed to believe in, or if there are actions associated with belief and if there is a risk in practicing the “wrong” religion or if practicing religion at all if it turns out there is no God is risking wasting time in our finite lives. I’m pretty sure Pascal had an answer to those disputes, but I don’t know what they were.

It’s definitely worth going to a source that’s really looked into the topic, but hopefully my cursory understanding helps.

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Good luck!!, I never had that subject at school