Is it possible in the future for accounts that aren’t verified on other platforms to become verified on Byte? Also, will the partnership program be opening up again soon?


To be clear, verification (on byte) isnt to just prove that you are you, but to prove that celebrities and ppl with big followings elsewhere are who they say they are because of people who try to impersonate them.

If you go through some of the current verified people on byte, not all of them are verified on other platforms, but they do have a big enough following elsewhere that someone would try to take their name/pretend to be them.

About the partner program, Partner Program - Back to the drawing board - this thread explains it all and what their future plans are. No mention of how soon it will be, but I think it’s best they take their time


I have 17k followers on TikTok is there any way to become verified on byte or no?

You can try to apply for verification through this google doc form:


So to get the verification we need to be verified in other app (IG, Twitter,…)?

At this point in time, verification is mainly used to ensure that “fake” accounts don’t arise. So, people with existing brands/public identities are first priority. So yes.


They don’t have to be verified on another platform. They have to have a large public persona. This usually means they’re verified on another platform but not necessarily


I like how they verify people who aren’t big in other apps. Quick question, though: If you aren’t verified anywhere else, are there minimum requirements needed before you can apply for verification? (Like at least 5k followers, x amount of views, posts x videos a week, etc.) Or maybe: is it possible to make another form where we can apply if we aren’t verified on any other platforms?

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