Partnership Question

I do believe there’s a certain standard of quality needed to be a partner.

I’m seeing some who post 2-3x / week because of the low activity on the app. These are in my opinion rather low quality as well.

I feel if anyone is to keep the life in the app, it’s them. There are many who do so, but it’s the small few that don’t.

I don’t necessarily think they should be removed or can opt out, but could they?


Partnerships are based off of the quality of the video, and how well they preform. Partners are for the most part popular users who’s videos perform really well. As long as they do post videos on the app they keep their partnership. There’s partners who post once a week but their video quality is really good and the videos do well so they keep their partner status.

Quality is entirely subjective though. How are you going to determine quality?
Aesthetic appeal? Time taken to create?

To give you an example, I create largely nature videos, and baking videos. Some of my very pretty, fairly well liked videos really only took me 10-15 minutes to put together. Capturing a video of a waterfall, or little things I see on my daily walk- these don’t take much extra effort or time from my day. Contrast this with, say, a baking video I did where the thing I was baking didn’t turn out well- it’s not aesthetically pleasing, but there’s more effort put in, and it might not be “relevant” or helpful in the same way.

Partner program is not currently a thing, also- so there are former partners on the app, but no currently functional system. When it was running, whilst they did approach a few creators, the majority of them applied for the position. If the content isn’t fitting the app right, they wouldn’t pick that person.

You also have people like Senorpequenos who consistently post videos daily which are, more often than not, pretty excellent.


Yes senor has a very high quality video once a day, you can see it took a good amount of time, maybe 30-60 mins depending on his editing speed.

I’m more referring to the people that, despite the low activity, the content is simply some text on the screen saying something relatable and them kinda just hangin out in the background. But I didn’t know that as well, interesting.

My most popular byte was one of my easiest to create


I don’t doubt that effort isn’t always related to success. My most liked post was my one and only meme (very high quality meme that I switched the text lol)

Are you taking about posts made when the partner program was active or posts made now? :thinking:

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Every former partner was and is completely different. They didn’t pick everyone because they were the most “popular” or reached certain stats. I’m not sure why some people were chosen over others but the staff must’ve like SOMETHING that we were doing.

Not every video will be enjoyable for everyone :woman_shrugging: c’est la vie


Partnership was never based on quality of videos (to an extent). The team literally picked as wide a variety of people as they could so there could virtually be a partnered user for every main category/style/community.


What is the status of the program anyway? Like it’s stopped, not stopped, continuing, someone fill me in?

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It ended.

This is a quote from the original topic with a rough idea of what they were looking for:


It takes me 2 - 4hrs most vids. Does anyone care how long it takes me? No. It’s irrelevant. They all end up as 16 second vids or less, no matter what quality or effort.


Charming! Hope you stick around… :unamused:


Byte team loves you and your numbers, keep it up.


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