Partner Program Sentiments

I see a lot of posts questioning the partner program. “Who got chosen and why? Why didn’t these other creators get chosen? How come we weren’t updated more about the program?” I don’t think people realize just how new and overwhelming this idea is. This type of program hasn’t been implemented (in such short notice) on any other platforms that I can think of. A lot of you seem to think that names were drawn out of a hat. I have no idea how the selection process went, but I’m sure the Byte team spent days, weeks, and months curating that list along with hours of work and deliberation. On top of all of that with a global pandemic happening. Questioning those choices should never be an option. So let’s say kudos to the Byte team for still keeping their word on launch day, not delaying the partner program, and for continuing to work hard during tough times.


Agreed! Agreed AGREED!!! :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :clap:t2:


Completely agree with you


Facts! The only platform i truly know of that pays their creators is YouTube! Plus it’s awesome that this is in the works! Just have fun don’t do content for $ do it for the fun to make someone’s bad day into a better day. Get that bread :baguette_bread:


Fax :fax: no print. I agree.


I’ve said this here before, but I’d take into consideration that who was selected isn’t a reflection of who Byte thought was “the best” and those who weren’t selected aren’t a reflection of who Byte thought wasn’t “the best.”

It’s about building a team, and seeing how well that team meshes together.

It’s understandable and reasonable to get anxious about these type of situations because the amount of talent and love don’t exactly match up to the amount of slots that available, and I would like to put the challenge out there to look at the people who weren’t selected as a message of “no, for now” instead of “no, forever.”

And maybe look at the people who were selected as “them, but this family will grow” as opposed to “them. only them.”

And I say this understanding that I’m in a position that it’s easy for me to say all of this.


very well said.


I’m going to disagree a bit. Most of the questions I’ve seen have stemmed from the Byte team contradicting their own messaging. If you change the rules and communicate that, people can adapt. If you just go against your own word, you can expect the kinds of questions we’ve seen from the community.

I am sorry if this is souring some of the experience for you guys who got in. But when a group says they’re going to do one thing and opts to do another, I don’t think it’s fair to say, “Questioning those choices should never be an option.” When we are told one thing and see another enacted, questions are absolutely appropriate. Especially in the way I’ve seen them posted. People haven’t been toxic. They just want to know why the guidelines they were told to abide by didn’t apply to everyone.

It’s not personal against you guys. I hope that makes it easier to empathize with those who have questions.

Either way, I am glad everyone in this thread got in. Y’all deserved it and my congratulations are sincere, even if I’ve asked the Byte team for clearer communication moving forward.

Edit: I also have sympathy for the huge work load the small team has. I think most people do, and that’s why it’s been respectful questions rather than anything really heated.


Is it weird that I was about to start crying :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Well said my friend and I agree. I personally think everyone (including people who were chosen on the program) to stop mentioning it entirely before striking up a debate like this.

Those who were chosen were chosen and that’s that.

It is what it is. Nothing we can do but keep creating.


I said it before and I will say it again:

"Vine was in large part shut down by Twitter due to their inability to make it profitable in a middle of a time when they were making cut backs. Was it possible to turn a profit, sure, but their cold feet would create a negative feedback loop that hurt the platform. Bad press, hard feelings, and drama.

Vine would go on to be massive and had a large user base with wildly popular creators. People were spending a lot of time making videos, and some wanted compensation given they were a large part of the app success. It was not even a major part of any conversation early on, which was proven to be a mistake. The problem was, Twitter did not care all that much, there was little protocol on how to do it right, and users were getting burned out. Some large users asked for too much maybe, but that came after years/months of nothing with no monetary expectation. This created ill-will between the parties.

So, some started to leave for other platforms. YouTube, Instagram, and so on. And once that started to happen it was either catch up or die, because once the water is pouring over the bowl, it’s hard to get it back in, and harder to make the bowl bigger. Vine died.

I do not look at this whole creators program as merely a way to pay people to stay and make more videos, let alone as a way to bring people to byte itself. I look at it as a major move for testing monetary systems, establishing a strong precedent from the apps early days over how the platform views and values its creators (no need to catch up), and most of all creating an expectation early on for users to understand what they should expect. This is a foundation for later growth, changes, and stability. Byte will be better for it.

I am sure all of us would agree, the money would be nice. Especially now given the current pandemic, but this is more than just money. It’s not repeating a mistake again, it’s making as sound and tested of a program long before the bowl overflows."

I’m a large creator, I didn’t get selected, and at the very least not yet if they still plan on inviting more people. But you know what, that’s okay. Right now Byte is putting its budget that it could be using for ads back into its creators, and if any criteria was met it was one that reflects diversity and inclusivity. Doing so will also allow the platform to be more friendly for future companies and brands to advertise here when they realize the diverse array of people getting paid.

But I want is stability for the platform just as much as anyone else, because even if I don’t get paid this time if the people who were selected are ultimately the best for improving the brand now, that will only make it better than the road if I do get to a position where I can be selected. I am very impressed with Byte, and how they have been very adamant about putting their creators first. They can’t put everybody first, but just because I didn’t get selected doesn’t mean I can’t respect and appreciate that they’re still trying something which is a lot more than almost any other company has done at this point in their app’s history. YouTube went years without paying their creators. Tiktok takes 75% of the revenue that people can earn through streams. It’s all new, let them iron it out, but the best thing we all can do especially those of us who weren’t selected is support the individuals who were, because now they carry the direct burden of helping the brand and advertise, which can ultimately benefit the rest of us who don’t have that responsibility, at least as of yet.

Don’t take it personal, keep your head up, and keep going. I want this app to succeed even if I’m not getting paid right now, and I will work my hardest to do that.


I agree with those points. The program is in its baby stages, it can only get better from here. But I feel like getting mad at a tiny detail like not specifying that they were also reaching out to a few people outside the US is a little much. It’s just something they overlooked, and ended up apologizing immediately. We are learning how the program works and will work just as much as the team is learning. All of us that have been on Byte since the beta understand just how much work and dedication the team has put into every update, every feature, and every bulletin. Some things get overlooked, no one is perfect. And hopefully we are all here for one reason and one reason only; to make Byte a better place for creators.


I agree that it can get better from here. Feedback is an important part of that process. Good communication builds communities. Poor communication creates a breeding ground for conflict.

I hope my tone isn’t coming across as mad. I wasn’t mad about the region thing; It didn’t directly affect me. But I know others who were affected. It may be small to you, but to the people who didn’t even apply because they didn’t think they were allowed, it was a pretty big deal. I’m sure some of them felt lied to. Thankfully, Dom came in and communicated, and they know it was an oversight and nothing worse than that. That’s the beauty of having a place where it’s okay to ask these questions.

I’m just trying to make the point that these conversations are important and we shouldn’t shut them down. People don’t seem to me to be screaming at the Byte team. They have legitimate questions about the disconnect between what they were told and what was enacted and they’re giving them an opportunity to clarify so they know what to expect moving forward.

We as a community can just shut these questions down. But that will result in actual anger and people just leaving if they can’t make sense of it.

Much of the excitement over the partner program came from the sense that there was as fair a basis as humanly possible for everyone to pursue it. Some of these things have shaken that for some people. We can still recover it, though. Clear expectations will motivate people; Uncertainty will dampen their excitement.

On the flip side, those of us with questions need to carefully examine our own motives and make sure we’re not lashing out or trying to punish anything because of hurt feelings. And as we question, we need to remain respectful and empathetic to the team taking on such a large task.

Edit: I almost forgot, I like that you ended with this:

Some people may be lashing out, but I think most of them are genuinely trying to make this a better place. I can’t speak for all of them, but that is my earnest hope.