Partner Program - Back to the drawing board

Hi everyone,

We launched byte a little over six months ago, and today, we have an app that welcomes different communities who want an inclusive space to express themselves through short videos. From day one, we’ve believed in supporting the people who devote time and energy to byte, who make the app a fun place to be, and who help maintain a positive, welcoming community. We introduced an experimental Partner Program very early in our journey as a way to bring this belief to life and begin supporting creators monetarily.

Over the last few months, we’ve learned that the current framework of our program doesn’t do a good enough job of living up to that belief. There are a number of reasons for this, including but not limited to the program being insufficiently open and scalable. These shortcomings are heightened by the fact that the app and our communities are evolving every day. As such, we are considering new and different paths for how best to support our community, and we will not be extending the program after the first pool ends on August 14.

We remain committed to sharing revenue with our community. Figuring this out, and optimizing for the ongoing positive and welcoming community vibes, is one of our top priorities (alongside building new tools and spaces for you all to express yourselves and connect with each other). Doing this right is more important than doing it quickly. We don’t yet know when we will have an update, but we will share more details when we have them.

Thank you to the truly incredible individuals who participated in and shared feedback on the Partner Program over the last few months. We hope you will continue to inspire us and the byte community with your creativity. Thanks, also, to our advertising partner, Nike, for allowing us to test the program. There is so much talent on byte that deserves to be seen and celebrated—much more than we were able to recognize through this first experiment. We will be using this time to take everything we’ve learned and apply it toward future opportunities and programs.

We look forward to coming back with more information. In the meantime, see you on byte.

*byte team


Partners or not we will always stand by byte we know you guys make the best decisions for the community. Thank you for the great opportunities.


Awesome!! Looking forward to seeing what the future holds :raised_hands:


Amazing Great News :fire:


wow. mind blown.


Dang this sucks ngl considering we all thought the pool would be renewed every 120 days. Wish we knew this earlier on, but things happen. I can’t see myself stop posting any time soon and I hope the activity level doesn’t go down cuz of this :crossed_fingers:


and so we wait. still supporting byte through it all :))


Thank you for the transparency. We know you’re doing your best to make the Partner Program a core part of Byte. We’re sticking by you no matter what! Looking forward to what the team comes up with next!




The waiting game is one thing that us beta users are good at lmao


Extremely grateful I was able to be a part of the Partner Program while it lasted and I’m looking forward to seeing how Byte evolves and it’s future steps <3 I love this community and have faith in Byte and the staff, so I won’t be going anywhere. Thank you again for giving me this opportunity that I never thought I’d have.


Can’t wait to see what the team has in store for the future!! Thanks for the update!! :smile::grin:


Right on Team, I am very happy to see all your hard work with the partner program :slight_smile:


this stings. but man have the partners done an absolutely incredible job of representing the app. I really do hope this doesn’t deter people off the app cos creative apps like these grow via the people. I will absolutely be sticking around, I love the app I love the people and I love having a platform to create/post. ultimately I can’t wait for our bright bright future! partner program or not:) gang gang, Neefy loves you ALL


Thank you for the opportunity, Byte team. I never thought in a million years I would have been chosen, nor would I have thought I could count such incredible creators that I love and admire…to be my friends.

Thank you for bringing us together. To the future, whatever it may be.

Always your servant.


Best App ever since 2012


Despicable Me: Minion Rush came out in 2013. so idk


Vine :arrow_right: Byte


I have to piggy back on this. I joined a little late and the idea getting that partner sticker kept me motivated to push myself and spend extra time planning my videos. Having that carrot dangling on that stick was great

With that said, byte is the best place to create regardless of the partner programs existence and I’m excited to be here with you guys just for the experience.

A part of me does believe that this news will expose some accounts that were posting for the wrong reasons to a point that it just created spam posts. I think the quality overall is going to increase because of this news

We in it for the long haul


Thanks for always thinking of us! We’re here to stay