Page Down or Jump To Button?

If this has been requested before please let me know.

Byters make lots of videos that eventually get lower and lower on their page feed. I am one of those people that will scroll through each video to get to the bottom because their content is truly enjoyable. Most times, I find videos in reverse order because of the way the feed is now.

Would it be possible to add some sort of button (like a “page down” or “jump to first”) that teleports a viewer (should they choose) to the bottom of another Byter’'s page?

Even give it a name like First Byte or Byte Down.

Thanks for reading and considering :pray:.


Would filtering a persons bytes from oldest to newest be what you’re suggesting? Or did I get the wrong message lol


@FaizalDawx are you saying that you can filter from oldest to newest? I don’t see where that option is available.

As far as watching older posts @dom has mentioned they are working on a grid view. A grid view would certainly help easily scroll through someones page rather than one post at a time.


Echoing this, would be nice to be able to jump down my home feed to where I last left off so I can scroll up instead of down. Also just found out that tapping the top of the screen let’s you jump back up to the top of any feed which is useful.


No, filtering by oldest/newest is not a feature (yet at least). I was just wondering if that’s what was being asked for, because I was kinda confused lol. I do hope it’ll be added with grid mode

if the post was asking for a way to jump to the TOP of a persons page, they can just click their name again, but I THINK they were asking for a way to jump to their first byte (bottom of their page)


Hi there :slight_smile:! Filtering isn’t exactly what I mean but that’s a great idea also!

Basically, just a way to get to the first byte at the bottom of a creator’s page so I can work my way up their videos.


Correct :hugs: thank you for jumping in and helping!