Out of Boredom

Stuttering in Songs:


2:15 brought back some memories i was not prepared to have resurfaced :joy:

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To be fair most blues or jazz music has it to change the style. Jazz isnt even supposed to have a simple rhythm and repeating a sounf helps.


0:58 take a chance on me never gets old…


Pitbull is a god at this.

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ok I’m going to low key judge you…haha

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True, but with the aid of computers and the demands of the music industry music has become even more simple these days. It’s just a matter of time where we’ll have a song that’s just one note played over again and the kids will be like, “Dang that one note.” it is what it is

someone has some good tasted in music :slight_smile:

i can’t really think of a pitbull song that does this but I’ll do my reserach

Aha thanks :grin:

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It can be good…

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I forgot about these dudes haha