Ouch, talk about shade

Cant be offended if i literally have no idea who anyone in that video is :sunglasses::ok_hand:


I laughed when i saw that because that is the same thing people used to say about tiktok and then now it blew up and it wasn’t like they trash any creators that’s just their opinion which could change in the future.


Its so funny because TikTok will be dead in like 1 year. It’s internet nothing will be always active or trending. But Byte is next level shit :DDD, its righr Byte creators might have no money for this time but things will change.


Being on byte right now should be for the joy of it. Sooner or later it will catch its wind but right now let’s just build up this community together and support eachother. We all enjoy eachother others videos and that makes us strong. We have creativity and we will continue to get it done together! Love the byte fam!! #bytefam #byte


It was a very subtle jab by mainly the interviewer.


It’s just another one of those situations where you gotta prove someone wrong. At the end of the day the underdog wins and becomes the best only because those who say he is worthless and bad at so many things he works on those things he sucks at and becomes the best at it!

I know right! The smarter bird gets the worm!

Who cares?:man_shrugging:t5:

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