Original Content

Who else out there as been planning with original content for a couple months now? I myself have, I know you probably don’t want to share because it might get stolen but if you are willing too just lay it out.

Nah I am not sharing but I have :slight_smile:

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That’s great! I know how you feel I wouldn’t give mine out either!

don’t rrly have anything planned! I usually made comedic jokes depending on the situation. I like things to feel natural and not too planned out

I have a few ideas, but not like a lot to last me like a month

Hey here are a few other posts about planning content that you could contribute to so we don’t have so many duplicate threads.
Happy planning :smile:
What kinds of vines do you plan on doing
What kind of content do you plan on making in v2

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Not going to share but I do have some ideas lol

And that’s a big fat no lol

lol do you mean about having ideas?

i plan on using my sketch group to put out lots of content

Sketch Group? whats that?

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