Organizing Categories - Suggestion

Hey guys, I wanted to hear some thoughts on this.

Personally, there are a few categories I follow , and there are some I don’t have any interest in, and I was wondering if at some point there could be an update that would let you pin the categories you follow to the top of the page to easier navigate to, rather than have to scroll through all of them. I’m impressed at how fast more categories have popped up, and now the page to me feels cluttered when I’m just looking to go directly to the categories I spend the most time watching.

Maybe there could also be a shuffle type thing, where you had certain categories pinned to the top for easy access, then the rest on your page get occasionally shuffled so every category gets a chance to reach new viewers. Categories on the bottom deserve a chance to get new viewers, so I feel like this could be another way to give people the option to look at new content they haven’t explored before. I know I personally haven’t explored all the categories to their full potential yet, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.


Love that ^

i think it’d be much easier if the categories you follow just are at the top of the list instead of making you pin them, but totally agree with the rest of this


I feel the same way and this was my suggestion I proposed


My wording was a little funny, but that’s exactly what would be awsome. Just automatically having the app put your followed categories at the top for you to easily return to.


I would love to see this happen!!! Yessssss.

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I’d like to have categories be hidden or not interested in. I’m not really into Kpop or Harry Styles but they keep popping up in my Mix. If there was a better way to curate interests into a better feed I’m all for it.


Right!?! Something like this would be awesome to include in a future update.