I don’t even know if there is the capability exists, but you know how we can change between scrolling and grid? Could we get the ability to organize our bytes (ie: into topics such as rant, comedy, art, yards yadda) that can be flipped through in tabs? To make it easier to find things for those of us who post über often? Make the ability to rearrange which order they are seen?:blush:


It would be nice to visit a profile, and organize their available bytes by the categories that member uploads to. Most, and least used would be nice to see as well (hopefully that doesn’t misconstrued, or take away from the description you gave; just wanted to add my two cents :+1:).

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It could show the number of posts next to the name of the category.

Anyway yes I’ve asked for this and other people Jace asked for it too!

I don’t know how I feel about customizing personally, but more ways to order videos from a viewer perspective would be cool. If I could go to my page or anyone else’s and view by upload date, views, likes, category, and the reverse orders… that would be very cool