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Hi all - what’s with Byte’s organic reach? It seems very poor. I’m not sure how many monthly active users there are, or how the algorithm distributes content, but compared to other platforms there seems to be no organic reach outside of your followers (even then it seems limited).

As a test, I’ve been reposting proven viral content from other platforms such as TikTok, Likee and IG …and I mean stuff that gets 100,000 to 10,000,000 views. These pieces of content are lucky to get like 50+ views (from a follower base of ~500) and zero new followers.

Now, putting the original vs. reposted content debate to the side, what’s the deal with the reach???

Would love to know what others have experienced because at this stage I’ve got 300,000+ followers across 3-4 main platforms (and have recently been verified on TikTok) and, unless Byte shows some type of organic growth, I don’t think I’ve got the time to nurture it.



you should let those 300,000+ followers know Byte exists


I definitely experience organic reach as a small creator on byte. I would definitely say just because something goes viral on one platform doesn’t mean it will on another. Also, I don’t think byte is big enough to make something go viral in-app. Sure something will be popular within the byte ecosystem, but since our ecosystem is still small it doesn’t really feel on par with viral content from other platforms yet.
Only 50 loops with 500 followers is surprisingly low so I think it is either getting flagged (only applicable if your content is somehow inappropriate) or it’s not gaining traction because it’s not interesting/original. I have never seen your content so I’m not passing judgement.


Hey. I have under 300 followers and have anywhere from 60-6000 loops on my content.
I would say that if you don’t genuinely enjoy the content or community, it would definitely not be worth it to nurture it, but if you do, go ahead.

Also, this app is in its infancy. Instagram has been around for a decade, TikTok 8 years ago in its original form, Likee three years ago.


Looking at your page, I’ve noticed that all your videos appear to be reposts from other people’s Instagram feeds.
There’s not like a super solid theme, but a few of them are videos which have already gone viral on other platforms.

Potentially, I think a lot of byte users are looking more for original content and interaction, versus curation of existing (and already popular) content.


300k woah that’s a lot. Tell em’ and right we gotta rely on organic growth…

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I have never heard of you on tiktok. Is that the reach you are going for? Consider the small pond differences.

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