Organic Content

When vin.e first came out, it only allowed us to record on the spot instead of also being able to upload. I noticed that since uploading became a feature the content began to shift. When recoding on the spot, the videos had a “one of a kind” feel. A more raw experience that can’t come from something rehearsed/edited. Although most people would still want to be able to upload videos, wouldn’t we agree the best content didn’t come from those?
If so, should the upload feature be removed?

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this is a great point, and gonna be a good topic to discuss

my opinion;

i believe that both should be implemented just for the betterment and expansion of content. maybe have a certain section or specific tag that are #onetake or something, that could compliment the comedy of the post


Nah the upload feature should not be removed in my opinion. Many people want to upload their art from other platforms to share on v2. There was alot of amazing edits on vine.


And I feel if it depends on your live camera then so many people would not use it because ya either have a good camera or a crappy camera. sorta like natural selection


I agree, but what would be the point of making a video then uploading it to another account. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of using the app? Maybe I’m just hoping for more genuine content.

Keep the upload feature but steer the community in a way that genuine content gets the praise it deserves because not everyone can spend x amount on dollars on production just to make an ad.


Not really the app is just to share videos lol

We shouldn’t gatekeep types of content. Follow and share the stuff you like and avoid the stuff you don’t. This is a space for everyone. I personally have a few organic videos that I want to put up but obviously recorded with my camera and not the new app.