Optional Self Destruct?

Not sure if the clash team is going to archive this forum to use it the for ideas that we’ve come up with as they update the app, but I’m just going to leave this idea here just in case :joy:.

Instead of the self destruct feature automatically making the videos disappear after the selected time, maybe users could be given a certain amount of time to change it back to a regular post.

I say this because maybe the byter wasn’t sure they wanted to actually post the video in the first place (which is why they posted it as a self destruct), but after they post it, it actually gets really good feedback from their audience to the point that they don’t want it to disappear (self destruct) anymore.

Maybe give users 50-75% of the self destruct time to decide whether or not they want the self destruct to be finalized? Idk, just a thought lol


It would be interesting if videos stayed alive longer the more people liked the video - algorithmically


That would be interesting as well…Maybe in addition to the timed options of the self destruct there could be a “by algorithm” button so the post could delete on its own if it doesn’t receive any likes or comments in 24 hours?

That would be nice, but I think that would be an idea that would be completely separate from mines. Only because I really think it’d be a good idea to make self destruct temporarily optional after it is posted. Similar to the idea of temporarily being able to change your caption after it is posted…

Yeah it was a completely separate idea but inspired by yours. Sorry for being off topic

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@CubeOfCheese It’s ok :slight_smile: thank you so much for the apology though :blush: . Like I said earlier, I’m not even sure the clash team will look at this stuff (even though I hope they will).

A lot of stuff discussed on here was really thoughts that gave the Byte team a clearer picture of what us early adopters wanted Byte to become in the future. We’ve even had many constructive conversations with Dom himself.

Who else would be better to ask about their thoughts about the features on the app than the people that actually use it? That was something that I really liked about the original Byte developers. They always kept the creators in their corner and was always taking feedback on new features and upcoming features.

If they don’t use these forums, I hope that there will be at least some way that they can get feedback from us in the future :pray:.