Option to view top posts in people's profiles and categories

Stealing an idea from Reddit

When you look at people’s profiles, you can click on a box where you can view people’s “top” content organized by week, month, year, all-time. Same can apply for categories or slashtags as well.


What I would really like is playlist options. I think it would be interesting if when you switch to the grid mode, you had the opportunity to look at playlists. A toggle of some sort… And you could use the three rows for a max of three unique playlists. You can just switch it from playlists to your regular feed in the grid format.

A lot of platforms have to make people run separate accounts, for different types of content. But I think it would be interesting if there was a way to implement a playlist system so that way people could just put the different type of content on one account while not having it all cluttered. Or at least have any option to declutter it.


I would love a playlist update.


when you say playlists, would it categorise peoples bytes automatically by the channel they hae posted it in?

or will it be more like people can create their own playlists?

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The way we’ve proposed it before in forum threads (and the way that would be preferable imo) would be manually set by the user.

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Nah, you would do it yourself. You’d have the option to pick between like one two or three or nine or something. But I also think that would involve needing a feature to let people organize videos and change their playlist around and such. That might be a lot of work.

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