Option to Mute Hashtags

So I’ve read about the “nope” button and even posted about muting accounts, but I think muting hashtags might be something to look into. This is a bit of a “luxury” so maybe it’s not needed in the initial release, but it would be cool to be able to keep certain kind of content off my feed rather than keep a whole account off.
The idea came to me when I saw someone posting about wanting “fan accounts” (video editors) to stay off of V2, but I think this would be a better option.


YES, I agree. This could also help people avoid seeing content they don’t want to see, including spoilers for a show, ect

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i agree; being able to sheild your feed from
specific types of content would be nice, im just unsure if the company wouldn_want_ that to be possible because it would mean some categories will get less attention than others

good idea though

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Ah, I hadn’t thought of that. It’s a good point but I think I’d prefer that people can ignore my content easily than have them telling me that me and/or my stuff doesn’t belong on v2. A lot of people wasted time on Vine telling me this (when they could really just pass it up) and I’m already seeing similar attitudes here.

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thats true.

unfortunately we have to deal with the bitterness of salty people


wish there was a HAHA option rather than just a like :joy: think i posted this with a bit of bitterness :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I think that possibly this will be quite pointless, because a lot of users, use all the hashtags that are trending, get highlighted, so it’s never solidly subject oriented

Yes, this would also be great for children under 13 and 18, blocking nsfw hashtags from them

Of course like if you hate some subject just block it.


Yeah! But not all content is comedy, some is beautiful, others might be amazing, so LIKE button fits the bill I think :+1:

sorry, I’m not sure what you’re referring to. I didn’t say anything about comedy and didn’t mention anything about disliking rather than liking.