Opposing Company Promotions

Companies Joining V2 To “Self Advertise” @Dom

What would be the moderators action if here was a company like Bamboo, Oveo, Musically or Snapchat to join V2?

It would be terrible for promotions within V2 if those companies posted adverts to get people from V2 to join their Social Medias - this would be unprofessional if Snapchat or Instagram did this. But let’s keep in mind what Snapchats Co-Founder said… “Snapchat doesn’t want poor countries such as India to use their app”

A few ideas of what moderators could do:

  • Warn their accounts
  • Remove their accounts
  • Notify the account of possible concequences if they break rules listed below
  • Communicate with the company or user and force them to provide information about why the are using V2
  • Notify Dom and request he finds solution


  1. Self advertisement is prohibited from V2 unless you are promoting a YouTube channel or other social media sites.

  2. Any form of “stealing” V2 users will result in an account termination or suspension.

give me more rules and ideas in the comments!

This isn’t necessary. Other social media apps have their competitors on their app as well. There isn’t exactly a problem with this.

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Do you see Instagram advertising on Facebook much? :joy: