Opinions on Artificial Intelligence

What’s everyone’s opinions on Artificial Intelligence. If you don’t know what it can truly do yet, take a look at this website which generates a random face every time you refresh the page. The person generated doesn’t actually exist (well they could but its a tiny percentage or they existed in the past / are yet to exist).


Everytime you’re on the internet, you’re contributing to either public or private (only for you) data on everything you do, even if you opt out. Do you all think this could be dangerous in the long run?


I’ve seen that site before, it’s really really weird, AI has taken us to places that are really odd. Machine learning AI can be used to make music, write TV scripts etc, bizarre


they all look so real…


I found a fake kardashian (with a random head thing) while reloading


“Maybe if you had a f–king business that you were passionate about then you would know what it takes to run a f–king business but you don’t, so don’t even act like you know what I’m talking about”, Kim said before evolving into a witch


Imagine finding yourself on this site lmfao I would feel like I’m in a black mirror episode lmaoo


Tbh sometimes this website can be beautiful


And sometimes it can be scarring:




Artificial intelligence is fun


Me if I get that Beta invite


Spent way too long on that site refreshing images


Same :joy:


I think Artificial intelligence is a good thing, because an AI could automate many processes like searching for habitable planets, personalized ads, doing our tax papers and so on. The other thing is that AI will be a big part of the medicine of the future, they can give you more exact diagnosis than any other real human doctor could.

Of course there are also many dangers with an AI, especially when the Singularity is reached (The time where an AI becomes smarter than a Human)

The thing is that an AI will get acquire knowledge exponentially, that means that within few weeks, days or even hours an AI could get smarter than all of us humans combined. Now you might be thinking, whats the bad part of it?

It will be impossible for us to control a much smarter lifeform, it is like Ants are trying to control us, and lets be real for a second here, this will not happen unless we live in a crazy Simulation.

Now back to the topic a Smart AI will be our last invention it will ever create a Human Utopia where all of our problems are solved (Diseases, war, poverty etc) or it will destroy us, because we are their biggest threat.

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One of those images is my cousin


i think AI is the worst thing to ever happen to the world. it’s going to ruin and destroy A LOT of things.

the fact we are being watched and listened to on every device is just inhumane.

just by us putting our face out there is already dangerous, if you haven’t seen that shane dawson video where he looks at people using an app that uses someone else’s face AND voice to talk with, and it’s so convincing…that is some scary stuff. it will do so much damage bro. it’s totally going against why we are here.


OMG THIS WEBSiTE is dopee and at the same time really eerie…


In the words of elon" it’s dangerous" and I agree

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It’s harmless for now, but if built “too intelligent” and it becomes artificially sentient like Sofia the robot is well on her way to being, because of the way she processes information and learns from it and how to mimic “feeling” based on the circumstances or facts in a situation, it can get out of hand.

The website isn’t as eerie as some may make it to be because it’s just combining existing features of already existing people, kind of like those apps or programmes that are like “your future baby will look like this” and asks you to insert two pictures.

There’s a whole extended explanation as to how the AI works, in combining facial features, hair, and and pose as to create an “authentic” image, which is authentic in that it doesn’t exist in that form, however every component that make up the photo apart from the photo itself exists. :blush:


Do you guys remember Ultron? Ehh… yeah I don’t know if it’s a good idea :fearful: pretty scary

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yeah I remember when Google was testing generating random pictures of cats and it was so cool but it was less realistic than what we have now, imagine in the next 10 years what we will be able to do or even 5 years.

I personally as a Developer, would be a bit worried and the big reason is

Mathematical Bias

What if future “Assistants” like Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa can only favour a certain group of the world because they weren’t trained on everyone e.g. recognizing American English accents better (or something worse than that e.g. favouring groups of people)

Mathematically, bias is extremely easy to creep into Maths Equations used in Machine Learning and Google explains it well here.

I think if we buy or obtain Machine Learning Models that are low quality in terms of data, that would be extremely dangerous as the model first make inaccurate and wrongly skewed predictions and then harm the later of the predictions.

In other words, I think we will all eventually die from Robots (I think it’s inevitable).

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There will be pros and cons. It’ll make everything way easier and will save thousands, maybe millions of lives. But there will probably be privacy breaches and occasional murders by robots, but that’s to be expected.

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