OPINION: Spotlight

I know there’s been a lot of talk in the past about the spotlight page like how to get onto it (and, no, #spotlight won’t get you in, at least in my experience).

In my opinion, I love the spotlight page. I think it’s a great opportunity for smaller creators (who aren’t in the rebyte group chats) to get featured in some way.

What do you think?


I think it’s a great form of discoverability while being specially curated by the team, it’ll be interesting how they decide to scale it if Byte continues to grow.


I agree. It also allows the staff to, in a sense, put byte’s best foot forward


Engagement groups / rebyte groups are dead, due to the new update. I’m speaking on behalf of my past experience and involvement in the community.

I’ll say one thing I like about Spotlight is that it has great taste in pushing out unseen content that doesn’t appear in the popular category/trending tab. (Sometimes this may vary.) :slightly_smiling_face:

Spotlight is a selling point for new users to stick around, that’s the main reason why I still am. However, it doesn’t automatically put popular/trending video in that it’s selected by byte staff that has a taste :upside_down_face:


They do a great job curating interesting stuff. I’ve been lucky enough to get up there a few times and it’s something that motivates me to keep posting😄


I like spotlight but wish there was something like an Editor’s Choice that :vine: had that forced it on you more. Tbf i dont check out spotlight too much but i do like the chance for smaller creators it provides. :sunglasses::ok_hand:


Spotlight’s probably the third thing I check on Byte - it used to be the second thing but the feed and my mix got really strong.

I feel like, to work right as a platform, most social media “trending”/“front page” whatevers (like on youtube or twitter or facebook) needs to be curated by a staff at least a little bit so WhitePower1488 doesn’t come in, figure out how to manipulate the algorithm an hijack the thing and put trash on the platform that’d undermine the platform’s brand. I like that here on Byte, they’re transparent about it and don’t try to act like it’s coming from some organic algorithm. Youtube can be very oblique about their Trending page, and even though they’re curating for entirely good-faith reasons that protect the platform, it still feels a little weird when they are obscure about how trending works.

I suspect that Spotlight is really important in these early days because the algorithm is still under development, so there’s this gap between all the great content being created and the audience. Spotlight lets them…first of all establish the tone and the “voice” and personality of Byte…but also helps with discovery.


I’ve noticed that spotlight posts are appearing in “your mix” which certainly gets them out to more of an audience.


I think the spotlight is random.
It picks random videos and features them.

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Not completely dead, they are very much still going.


It is picked by staff, not an algorithm



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The same people are featured every day, and while the algorithm is supposed to stop the R4R it didn’t. Just because it’s not talked about, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. There isn’t even an “if” involved. It’s just a matter of sharing links, then someone rebytes the post which ensures their entire following sees it. and if they have say 100+ followers(thats a number for the purpose of this rant) and are in a group with say 15 other “large” creators each with 100+ followers then then thats easily being shared to 1500 people(thats not accounting for likes sure) but its a valid example. and easier way to explain how the same people are always there.

Everything you said is true and I agree with it. However, what you’re saying applies to the “Popular Now” page, which involves an algorithm. The spotlight is hand-picked by staff, and different people are featured on different days. This is why if you were to go on the spotlight right now, the first byte is a byte by therunnersam (idk his byte community account, sorry), which only has 25 likes and 4 comments. The next byte on the Spotlight has 11 likes and 0 comments, the next 16 likes and 4 comments, the next 45 and 5. As you can see, the people being featured aren’t huge creators, they’re smaller creators. While large creators may be featured from time to time, it’s mainly small creators who are hand picked (trust me, I’ve spoken to staff, it IS hand picked).


Apologies, i was trying to make my point while eating, so i neglected to mention that i was specifically speaking of Popular Now and not Spotlight.


Are they really? I thought they died . Damn what a shame

I respectfully disagree with your argument; I think it’s an assumption without receiving the full scope of BTS. What I meant to say, engagement groups doesn’t exist anymore (like large groups rebyte at once, etc.). Trust me, many have stopped due to the recent update. It’s more organic!

Dom post about rebyte:

As of now some popular creators rebyte what they like, for example, I rebyte videos that I like. Again, this may vary it can be random; it could be someone w/ mass or low followers I rebyte what I like.

The only reason why the same people are featured every day b/c they already built that support base and consistent as well. Rebytes doesn’t help out anymore besides the first boost.

Only organic engagement and active supporters push content to the trend & popular. If you don’t like the people that are featured there are many options to discover content creators hence Spotlight.

However, I won’t deny that few creators do R4R on a smaller scale. :slightly_smiling_face:


This. :100:


Jeez who hurt you Pac :new_moon_with_face:


those would be opinions and not facts then?

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