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So, as the title says, this is just my opinion but others may agree with it, maybe not, but here we go, I was super pumped about this app coming out and was having a blast the first couple of months after it was released, but over time, I started to kinda lose interest due to one thing, instead of this app become more of a vine 2.0, it has in a way become a tik tok clone

Now I can see why the byte team might be doing this, but if I want a tiktok type app, I’m just going to use tik tok, I thought this app was going to be unique and bring back that vine feel and style, in way it does so don’t get me wrong, but I’m kinda disappointed in the path it has gone down. Leave your thoughts below! Always open to other opinions


I don’t think it’s possible to force it anymore honestly. Vine had its time, and a majority of these short-video app users want an app like tiktok so it’s kind of natural it will become like tiktok :\ . The main thing I want to point out on the app is the number of people on this app rn. I feel like nobody is seeing my content (not to sound narcissistic), but I mean that a lot of people used to see my videos and now they don’t idk why…


These are all valid feelings man. This is what we are all experiencing is an identity crisis. What is byte supposed to be? We wanted to have the vine feeling back and now it looks more like tiktok than vine.

To keep my thoughts short. Byte needs to be byte. It can’t be vine and shouldn’t be tiktok. The thing that made vine as magical as it was wasn’t the 6 seconds or UI, it was the creators. We are the future of byte. We shape what this app is and how others perceive it. Make it what you want it to be.


You might be right, byte went down this route to make the tiktokers feel at home when they use the app. But I’m sure dom has some plans to differentiate byte from tiktok.

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Tiktok and Vine audience are very different from each other. Tiktok targeted a certain segment of society, that is, the majority segment. For example, those who shot Tiktok videos started to consist of people who were pushed into the background in real life. See grandparents, minors, or some
People mocked in real life build their own audience on Tiktok and normalize it. Tiktok made visible the non-foreground mass in society. They released videos called “cringe”. Tiktok videos don’t have meaning, alt text, or skill. Just silly dances, lip-wagging moves, and wiggling your eyes to the song playing behind. In short, you don’t need to have any qualifications to attract tiktok.

Vine was mostly the application of young people, university students, people with acting skills. Many of the Vine audience were educated and skilled.
After Vine closed, some of the Vine creators started YouTube, some remained on Instagram. Few of them opened the Tiktok heab.
Tiktok is already condemned by society and governments. It would be suicide for the Byte to turn into a second Tiktok. The important thing is to reveal new content creators through Byte. If there is a perception that Byte is a rich and enjoyable place in terms of content, the masses in other applications will come. Although not necessarily everyone is creating content, it will take its place in Byte as a good viewer. Just like not everyone produces content on Youtube.

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Out of 233 or 234 of my followers only 3 are actively liking my stuff the rest are inactive ont he app. Average I get is 10 to 20 likes per post. If I’m lucky more than that. You see the issue here? We both have the same issue or similar

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Yeah that’s the problem with me… I have like 150 ish followers and that’s what’s happening to me. Also, I have some videos I don’t put too much effort in that get a lot of likes and the ones where I do put a decent amount of work in that average to 3 or 4 likes. Oh well


Omg me toooooo like I would post a random video if I feel like it with little effort and get Hella likes but ones with more effort get less. Although at the start the effort videos did fairly decent as the app was new and Hella people were active

Not no more y’ain’t

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I agree with you I also miss the Vine vibes, this was supposed to be Vine 2, this is how the story started.