OPINION: Algorithm Change

Before anyone starts to tell me why the devs changed the algorithm, let me say- I know why they did it, and I understand the decision.

However, as a smaller creator, I feel like it has hurt me. I’m gonna be honest here, most of my loops come from rebytes I get from larger accounts. But, since the new update came out, my viewership and likes have plummeted. I know it’s not because my bytes haven’t been as enjoyable, because I have approximately the same loop to like ratio. Because of the new update, I’ve been relying entirely on the chance that I get featured in some way to get eyes on my bytes.

It’s a bit discouraging going from at least a hundred likes on all but two bytes, to now getting maybe 60 if I’m lucky.


EDIT: this is all my opinion and observation of numbers. I’m not trying to say I’m the only person going through this, nor am I trying to say that things should be changed. What’s done is done. I think I came off a little whiney in this post. I want to know if anyone else has experienced a drop in views, if the change has helped them, ect.


Is this recently? I don’t think the algorithm changes recently unless they forgot to update the algorithm catalogue :thinking: I could totally be wrong though so idk

Umm yeah no…

I consider myself a small byter as well…

Opinion: But, app engagement is low as of now and many users actives went MIA. The problem isn’t about content not being seen it’s about active hour/peak. I like the organic engagement b/c it showcases who actually enjoys the videos. We have your mix, spotlight, and many categories that push content to be seen. I’ve lost a lot of engagement but the real/active ones are still around. (not complaining)

I would say don’t worry about the numbers, focus on building strong support and then later will pay off eventually. :slightly_smiling_face:


Forgive me, it may not be an “algorithm change”. Dom talks about it here Algorithm Changelog (ongoing)?

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Yeah, I’ve just been noticing that since the rebyte-nerf, I’ve gone from a high amount of loops to a much lower amount.:woman_shrugging:t2:

I want to see if other people are going through the same


Many are experiencing this :sweat_smile: besides few


There is the possibility that the app has slowed down hard. Who even gets 300 likes anymore??

The rebyte nerf is just to make it more gradual rather than spike. So if people are organically finding your content and rebyting there really should be no issue. There should only be issues if you’re engaging in rebyte groups that are spamming rebytes.


The rebyte-group thing is why I totally understand the rebyte nerf.

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Mmmm to just answer your question straight, I don’t think I’ve experienced a drop on loops/likes ever since the Rebyte nerf. I have gotten less loops on most recent video from the Algorithm change before that one, but am now probably averaging out way more loops in the long run across all videos.

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Okay. I’ve experienced a drop in loops, which just rippled

Thank you

I had a little bit of a rough hit and would only get 10 likes (my lowest ever) and am just now growing back to average 20/30 sometimes 40 likes. But this was with steady and consistent uploading though.

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