Online and offline, Upload Status, Competition?

Will we have an online and offline button to notify our followers that we are online? Or like a status bar where we can say like “new video in 20 mins” or something like that. Or even upload pictures with comments/likes? Or is that too much? Or unnecessary? Be honest.

For example, if you guys remember Aim in the status bar it will stay the same but it will update. So it’s not like a constant post each time. idk idk Just something a bit different in our bio section, you know ?

Also have our social media links but in the edit bio we put the link for it and when its saved it shows up as the social media icon and we can just click it and it goes right to it. Idk about Snapchat though, we would have to type that one out haha. Oh and also edit our captions if we mess up!! Twitter doesn’t let us have that option sadly

There shouldn’t be competition. That’s heading in the wrong direction already. You’re only going to hurt yourself. Then it will only be for the views not for what you love doing and that’s not right.

PLEASE make sure you are doing this to participate on being in the forums community to help out and discuss ideas, ask questions, and try and make V2 the best with the help of the creators of course. I’m already seeing people competing on being the first of the first of everything in the forums. Like bragging on trying to get higher on the trust level. Relax… we’re here to help not to compete loves…

I see people discussing outside of the forums talking about fame and only views. That shouldn’t be the main focus. The main focus should be on creating content because you love doing it and it makes you happy.

We should join V2 for the right reasons and everything will turn out successfully :hugs: All love, no negativity, just positive vibes :two_hearts:


original, and i like the idea



This is a good idea. But more like the YouTube update comment.

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It would be interesting a status bar :thinking::ok_hand:t3:


That would honestly be interesting but good way to communicate with your followers!


I really like the status bar idea it sounds cool


That’s an amazing idea. Another one is being able to download vines (or whatever they’ll be called) for on the go if you have to go somewhere but you want to watch your favorite artists vines and don’t have much data or any at all.

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I think that’s a really cool idea! But I feel like if you post pictures on v2 it kinda ruins the vibe


I was kind of thinking the same. Thank you for being honest :slightly_smiling_face:


Or I imagine like there can be a side menu that show people you follow, and their current situation. Like shooting vee now, liked “blabla” vee, visiting blabla profile…etc. Or people can also enable the setting that also shows people the vee’s they are watching at the moment.

(i call those videos as vee for not using that word)

Never a big fan of the online and offline feature on apps and don’t think it should exist on byte. Last thing I want fans to know is what I’m doing 24/7. I know internet privacy is farce, but I want it to some extent for safety reasons.

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