One month later I am seeing great growth!

So it has been my first-month making bytes after it officially launched and even though it was a rough start I have been seeing some great things all around! I am closing in on 10,000 loops and 200 followers the way my follower count has been steadily growing is just phenomenal! I have also been challenging myself to different things with my content lately like experimenting with loops and working them into my content in creative ways and soo much more. To seeing the new updates we have been getting from the awesome byte team! This first month has been rough and challenging but it has been the best month to learn and grow and I am just so excited to see the awesome things we have in store for us over the next year!

If you guys like these little monthly/quarterly updates let me know because I love being able to stop and look back to where I was to where I am now! :smile:



Congrats, I see you around a lot now. Next stop 100k :rocket:


congrats!! so exciting to see people grow :heart:


yessir always putting in that hard work every day I can!

Congrats :tada:

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Congratulations :confetti_ball: :balloon:


Great work! Congrats!!!