One Last Job #byteheist

“Boris the Bullet Dodger? Why do they call him that?”

“…because he dodges bullets, Avi.”

Putting together a crew. Think you got what it takes?

If you missed out on byte fighter, here’s your shot. Similar idea. The format is pretty open to creativity. Could be based on you, or make up a character.

In the spirit of heist capers, make a video applying for a position on the crew looking menacing or smart or crafty, or whatever, and include:

Name (real or fake), an ironic nickname (important!)
Your special skill
The role you’d have on the team. More info on this:

We’ve got less than two weeks before the forums go up in smoke.

Original recruitment video:


Didn’t see this until after I jumped on the hashtag, Lady Jayne is ready to distract :grin:

Keep em coming!