Once V2 comes out, how will we prevent artists saying "v*ne"

There were a lot of vne trends, specifically "do it for the vne". Is it going to be a push to remove actual users from v2 who keep calling it v*ne, since theres a disconnect between the two companies?

I was just curious about how legality would work, specifically how you would prevent a massive company like twitter from saying youre trying to “steal” their app.

Thoughts on how much this would be enforced?


Dom has already prompted users to refer to other users on the app in question as “artists,” so as long as they respect him and the project then that shouldn’t be an issue… Right?


Youd think, but once v2 comes out, a lot of people who arent on the forums are going to want an account. I was curious to ponder how it would be approached then.

Ive been saying vee-two, but I know a lot of people who are saying it like v*ne two. Especially on other social media platforms ( and alllllll the memes :joy::joy:)


Unfourtunately theres going to be a majority of creators who dont even know who dom is, let alone his twitter handle. Im sure a lot of people think v2 is coming from twitter too


Well, if they wish to be educated, then they can. If not, then they’ll pay one way or another for their ignorancy, whether it’s by the community or the staff

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Maybe they can take a test before like a terms and agreements “I will only call this v2 and not vne… this has no relation to vne… they are two separate things”


The new generation don’t know what Vine is… So only we will be the ones compering it. I think V2 won’t be compared after few months of release.


i think that vine is the great app and is unique in itself soo it won’t e like stealing any app soo i thinnk there won’t be any issues :slight_smile:

It only closed like 13 months ago I believe… Isn’t that old hehe.


It died before it closed… almost nobody was using it.


Even with the new name, people will call it vine no matter what


yeah, majority of people call it ■■■■■■


@Matttoledo @jennifer

Yeah even on the forums a lot of people arent using v2 like they should. How do you think theyll approach this on the app?

I’m sorry but I know the word “vine” is extremely taboo on these forums, but why is it such a big deal? I know that referring to V2 as “■■■■■■” would also have connotations to Twitter, and this new app is not owned by Twitter. In the end, it’s just a word that people will always associate with V2.

EDIT I didn’t even realize how taboo the word was until I saw it blurred out dang.


Most of the people who download the app will be unacquainted with the difference between the two social media platforms. The two ways to do this are to:

  1. When they first open up the app, have a quick tutorial that’s basically like “this app is called V2, and these videos are called loops. This is your home page…”
  2. Nicely let people know that it isn’t called vine whenever it is brought up

Even with these in place, lots of people will incorrectly refer to it as the wrong name, but that doesn’t mean they should be kicked off the app or anything. In time I think people will catch on, just need patience!


I feel like everybody in the forums knows it’s called V2, and maybe a few others who aren’t in here, but that might be it. I don’t know what the app will be called, but maybe @dom will call it V2 to try and have everybody refer to it as such?
That being said, I still think the average fan will still refer to it as Vine, like the og


I love the censors btw. I think the app will make it clear that you cant call it vine for legal reasons. But when you want someone not to do something they will just do it more.

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The slogan “do it for the vine” was really popular, I wonder if there’s going to be another slogan for V2?

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call it whatever you like colloquially!