On planning things out. .

Have you already made some clips?? Are you already communicating with others in or outside of this forum for collabs?? What kind of videos did you make? Or what do you plan on making?


I’ve got ideas written down, but I haven’t recorded them yet, waiting for the aspect ratio to be confirmed.


Haven’t really done too much yet. I don’t want to start making too many videos now unless they’re too out of context by the time the app is released.

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I have two videos already recorded, only because it was heat of the moment and I first thought of v2

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same here tbh.

Same here (2)

Definitely have a few ideas but I also feel like some of the most iconic videos were just spur of the moment things so hopefully I can capture the next “Aaaah! Stop, I could’ve dropped my croissant”. Definitely gonna be a comedy oriented person and hopefully just bring fun to the app.


I have talked with many people in the forum and I am in many groups on Snapchat and Instagram. I have not made videos yet, I’ll wait to have a release date. My content will be Comedy and typical situations.

I did practice a little with the Vine Camera app. But v2 will probably look a lot different. Gotta get a feel for those controls first~

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I’ve got two ideas for loops. Right now, I’m just trying to come up with ideas and not start filming. I was never a part of V*ne so I don’t personally know anyone from that community.

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