OMG - we just made it on Byte

A sure sign we made it on Byte - had our first hate comment - :blush:

By the way, not sure how u guys deal with hate comments, but if it’s un-reconcilable within reason, we block them :+1:


Ayyy congrats on making it :rofl:. On the real though, I try to be as amicable as possible in the case of hate comments. At the end of the day, if something catches me the wrong way I’ll just block, though I’ve been lucky enough not to have to use that option just yet. Good vibes only, friends :+1:.


I literally say the same thing :joy: people usually only leave comments if

  1. They feel threatened by your presence
  2. If they’re jealous in some way of what you have
    So far thought I didn’t receive any but I’m sure in due time I will too (and everyone else) it’s just the way the Internet is lol

I don’t block hate and blocking them will possibly challenge them to create account to follow up (yes I know it’s a waste of time, some do!!!) — I put them in timeout that’s how I punish them!


On another social media, I block maybe 5-10 per day - just comes with larger platforms. Social media is like retail biz - can’t make everyone happy :slight_smile:




Punishing them by spread positive love, replying back with something positive :handshake: – it’s hard to tell haters motives sometimes they might have had a bad day or want to troll or just bored.


I reply with “:joy::joy::joy:
Except for the time someone told me that if they saw one of my posts one more time they were deleting their account…I replied with “Do it! You won’t!”


Ok - I do the same but in certain situations, I just block - kids will be kids (mostly)


Deleting comments — but it’ll be better if byte implements a comment filter option. (That helps a lot with restricting keywords)


I just don’t respond. 99.9% of comments are nice so the bad ones never really bother me.


You and your daughters comment is great, cannot understand how or why you would get hate comments


Before I was even popular, I got the occasional “You’re fat” or a racial slur was thrown around or they just complain that my jokes were not funny. I deleted them- out of sight, out of mind. They stopped but soon began piling up in my Instagram new chats.

My mom always told me that it’s easy to hate success. It’s easy to hate the final product, without knowing the grind. :woman_shrugging:t5: I try not to let it get to me. Some days it does but most it does not. All I gotta say is to keep your head held high- because the haters will always have something to say. It’s up to you to determine if that’s going to affect your success story or not.


That’s what I will do


Someone must’ve joined hahagaha


great to hear! Continue being the best you can be! :+1:


Oof sorry about the hate. Idk what to do with hate since i dont get hate comments cause art bytes arent really a target for trolls but id say just ignore it. You know you’re one of the top creators so far and you’re bytes are quality and doing well so ignore it but you are right that hate is a sign of making it, so congrats for that :sunglasses::ok_hand:


I try my best to maintain a no-block policy online - if there’s a negative comment (which being as small as I am, there’s not much in the way of comments at all), I think about what constructive criticism or true insights could be extracted from it, and then just ignore it. I don’t like the idea of “silence the dissenters”.

Congrats on the hate comment though! Truly is a sign of success


Don’t understand why you guys got a hate comment, all I see is positivity coming from your guys’s page. Must have been too much for the hater to handle! :joy: :joy: :joy:
The only hate comment I’ve gotten so far is about a month ago I got this one guy who just posted the word “cringe” in the comments of my most viewed video at the time. The reason why I deleted the comment and blocked him (because he posted it again) is because while I’m not afraid to take criticism, I’m not gonna deal with vague criticism like that. Like, dude, what about it is cringe? The fact that it has more views and likes than any of your videos? :wink:
Hey, but at least the comment showed that you’re getting noticed on the platform. :grin:


Haha Iv gotten many hate comments aswell, I either ignore them or respond back with positivity. Gotta kill them with kindness or just block them :slight_smile:

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