Old vine videos

I had a vine acc and theres foreign sites i can see Some of those old vines at but i cant find my page on the archive?? Is there another way? I have my old url and everything. Know how many loops i had as well.

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I think you could change the topic to YouTube&other services

And as for finding your old account, idk if you know the url and username and everything by heart and still aren’t finding it, my guess would be that a lot of those archive websites only save the more notable accounts since keeping
e v e r y t h i n g would be a lot of data. Just my guess though, the search functions could also just be confusing!


i had the link attached to my twitter which is how i tracked the link originally. THEN on the foreign sites my user pops up but theres no topic page for me if i searched my name up on those sites, which is what id hoped for with vine1 archive site. What you said makes sense as far as relevancy on accs playing a part in whos content was preserved by vine but i can’t help but wonder if someone foreign decided they liked my content enough to save some of it somewhere else. Oh well…