Old v***rs

I know they will. I used to run a popular meme account with 300k and the bigger viners would still talk down to me and treat me like poop. But hopefully itll be different

Maybe the toxic Paul brothers, lele pons and the like, but most viners are kind people. They would most likely be accepting.


Or at least they come off that way.

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Yeah i was close with ruth b. She was always nice to me. Never rude. We need people like her


Some of them will! Because some of them only care for numbers and money

You can’t just prevent people from joining an app because “they’re too popular”. They might be doing it for the money but you can’t stop them.

@dom has already addressed this and closed several topics regarding “old viners”

Petition to ban all past vine stars from v2

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I also think we should take into account that not all of them may want to return to the app as these other projects may have been successful enough.

I feel like even if they did expand to other platforms that the old viners will come back.

Come on ! They dont need to come back they are already famous and they get paid well by their new platforms…If someone comes back he/she will be lame !

How about we have a feature similar to reality shows where the people can report a certain v2 artist as toxic for the community and at the end of the month, the five artists with the most toxicity reports can get voted out of V2 by the community in a poll styled interface.


-Logan Paul
-Lele Pons
-Jake Paul
-Rudy Mancuso
-Carter Reynolds

And Everyone gets one vote and this probably shouldn’t be used until it is fully secure. The V2 community should be allowed to regulate itself and flush out toxicity


i feel as if everyone is welcome but if the previous artist choose to let others use the app they will because they have taken their talent elsewhere.:slight_smile:

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They should be let on the app, don’t ban them just because they’re popular on other apps

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sorry my fault, bad wording lol

social media in and of itself is capitalist. If celebrities don’t join ■■■■■■, naturally, new celebrities will quickly dominate Vine.

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What you all have to understand, is that the old Vine stars (and those musically stars too) can come to v2 at any time, and when they do, they’ll gain subscribers very quickly. There’s no stopping it. People like Jake Paul, whose response to v2 was “Vine is dead.”, will join regardless, and their fans will follow.

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The only reason “old viners” would take over V2 is if the algorithms and code are the same. I think Dom has made it clear that this app will be very different and will focus on promoting community, not popularity. Vine’s popular page algorithm is what the big viners were exploiting. If that doesn’t exist in V2, we’ll all be on a level playing field.


@Woodsie well stated.

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Yes anyone/everyone cept for like isis members are welcomed to use v2 cus v2 is gunna be about humor and creativity not about money and popularity (I hope). If this turns out to be the case then the pop viners (ya know, like Piques and Jerry Purpdrank type ppl) will have no leverage to threaten to leave (and effectively kill) v2 if they don’t get the money they want. They might not even get popular enough to try to negotiate for money lol.

I think old viners should let new people have a chance on v2. They have their fame I think they should let others have a chance like they had.

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